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Batthink avatar 9:02 AM on 05.15.2009  (server time)
The 50 Best Games Of NOW! (According to Stuff Magazine, Scans)

Every so often I peruse the magazine shelf of the supermarket I work at. Ever since I managed to get a shedload of comments for posting top 100/50/25/10 lists from one, I thought it would be imperative to at least get your opinion on any particular one if I spot it.

Published in Stuff magazine, this list has the following tag to explain what the list is about...

"The future is stuck in traffic and the past has been discontinued. Now is where it's at, and these are the 50 best games fighting for your current currency."

Yeah, that may be what the list is about, but nothing except the quotes under each game to explain 'how' these are chosen. Also, some of these games must be within the last two years, so I wouldn't really say they are all 'now'. And the Korg DS-10 isn't a game, so unless you are Dale North, you may already think this list is fail.

Anyway, the scans;

The interesting inclusions to me begin with Rolando, a game that Destructoid had a review a while ago, with its sequel coming soon. This came in at number 37.

At number 19 is a game I reckon most of you will believe shouldn't be there; Alone In The Dark. Yes, it is the new one. There is nothing to see here. No rioting please.

Dead Space is one place ahead of Resident Evil 5 at 16, and I believe that was one of the parts of the list Stuff got right; on the other hand, people still think FIFA 09 edged out the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, yet the magazine put them 13th and 12th respectively.

X-Plane was something I heard of on the PC, yet X-Plane Airliner not only got a release for iPhone and iPod Touch, but got to 15th on the list. Has anybody played the flight-sim, and agreed with it? And would you also agree with Up There at number 10 on the same formats?

Two of the top five had their question marks as well; Eve Online is a game you can play now, but is it a game of now? And Wii Fit? Is this just to infuriate all those who have had to endure Wii Sports in every other damn list?

Once again, I bet mostly call fail on this. Your call.

Batthink out.

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