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Batthink avatar 5:19 PM on 09.11.2008  (server time)
Stuff Magazine's 100 Greatest Games (Scans)

Stuff, just to recap, is a UK men's technology magazine. I decided to buy a copy, since it had the '100 Greatest Games' advertised on the cover.

My reaction to the list was quite positive; the short write-ups against each game seemed to give the impression that whoever devised this knew what they were talking about. Only a few games didn't seem in a suitable place, or to even belong in the list, but most of the games were deserving.

I gave a rundown of the list to IRC Destructoid members, and whilst they liked the ones in the top ten, they made disagreements with several ones as expected. Overall, it made for one of the most lively periods I've ever witnessed on IRC. Bloodlip's constant lament of 'BULLSH*T' is one memorable quote I will remember for a long, long time. I should do rundowns like these more. :O)

Anyway, a few things to remember before you start complaining; the UK didn't have official releases for games like FFVI (or III, if you are being awkward) until recently, and we are still waiting for Chrono Trigger. These two games did not appear in the list for that particular reason. I also have scrawled on the pages my own impressions of the games I thought should not belong in their placings.

Your impressions, please?

Batthink out.

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