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Okay, this is a fairly short topic, so I'll beef it up slightly by explaining how I happened upon this little article.

I was coming back from a music gig in Norwich on the train. Happy and satisfied to catch another great performance from Emiliana Torrini, I chose not to look at my copies of manga I purchased, but instead reached for some of the free publications that usually litter the train.

Imagine my amusement when I find, on a review of Wii Sports Resort, a familiar-looking font on the inset image...

Yep, that's right, it is a copy of this;

My thoughts? Well, you're up before dawn, you're working to a deadline, and you need a picture to fit your review. Strange that you pick ours (one with a word in it), but still. This could mean two things; either the reviewer or person responsible for editing that page are readers of the website, or they took it off a search engine. I tried to locate the image on Google to see if it was on the first few pages (after typing 'Wii Sports Resort', without the 'Destructoid' part), but couldn't find it, so there is a little possiblitiy that someone, somewhere on Thelondonpaper (that's what they type on the top of every page) watches us. Maybe you could give a little credit regarding your image source, like you did with the statistic you posted from another site, that I also visit, on the top-right of the page.

At least the article writer Andy Lowe knows enough about videogames to offer a little critical view. His knowledge of the existence of Pilotwings and the fact Nintendo hasn't taken advantage of that IP yet shows he isn't completely in the dark about these matters.

But SOD THAT, there's a kitten on the right! And it drinks! Ron Workman would love this.

Batthink out.

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