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Batthink avatar 5:13 PM on 04.04.2010
Knock-Off-Arama: Ashens Reviews the PCP Station (or Siaiion)

Why Siaiion? Watch the video below and you'll understand.

This 14 minute-plus video by Ashens is a brilliant dissection of an item that shows the lengths desperate Chinese businessmen acquire cash. Highlights appear at 4:30 (trust me, you will LOL), and in particular, the six minute mark, where we witness some of the best Engrish committed to paper. The instructions he skips over shouldn't be ignored... (below video)

(Game One Instructions) 2) 'Under foot fighting, B key is gently boxing, secondly floor is gently kick, third floor is push palm. Both sides detaching, tap is of no effect. A key is thump, scale kick and utter palm wind.'

(Game Three Instructions) Air Cyclone: jumping send out a big hank cyclone, it will eddy original location in gallinaceous body, and pinch three times.

Speediness Carom: in very short time, our side must carry out continuum peck on opponent.

Seriously, have any of you guys experienced worse than this?

Batthink out.

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