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Batthink avatar 8:37 AM on 08.18.2010  (server time)
Fail List: Toy Gun is Not Sexy Edition

Good afternoon. It has been a while since my eyes managed to spy another videogame-based list for a gander. That was until I saw this;

Hey, a semi-laddish technology magazine will get your attention if it has GAMING in BOLD BLUE LETTERS on the front. I also spotted the '20 Best Games Ever' tag on the cover (its just under the rather hyped subtitle 'Onlive kills the console'. I highly doubt that). Of course, you must think I'm a complete sad act for mentioning all this ahead of the hot model pictured. Well, I have a reason for that, and it is not because this model isn't the best-looking I've seen out of others. Oh no. The exact cause for relegating her importance is because of the PS Move controller in her hand. To the knowledgable, it is Sony's effort to grab some of Nintendo's market share in motion-control, fitted into a gun controller. If you didn't know anything about this, it is just going to look like some woman trying to look sexy with a toy gun. With a ping-pong ball on the end.

See? It doesn't look anything near hot. It just says 'I must pose with this as if it is a real gun'. If it looked like a real gun, the combination of smouldering lass and self-defence device might have set an explosion off in my pants, but not so. I may, however, have a better idea to improve the image...

...on second thoughts, let's get back to the list. One, two, three...

This list seems pretty good, thankfully. Certain decisions, like Sensible World of Soccer's inclusion ahead of the more recent FIFA and Pro Evolution series, as well as Beatles Rock Band over any of the Guitar Hero games, get reasons to go along with them. Final Fantasy VII's inclusion is, once again, mostly down to Europe having been passed over for the sixth game in the series until the Playstation generation. Red Dead Redemption stands above the highest-placed GTA game and... well, there really isn't that much to complain about. I guess that's the advantage of picking only twenty games for the list.

So, is there anything about the list that you take issue with? Is Flight Control really that good? Feel free to comment below. And remember; don't let your girlfriend take a photo of herself with some day-glo Fisher Price laser blaster. She'll just look stupid and your boner will disappear.

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