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I received my copy of UK magazine GamesTM through the door on Saturday. A good thing too; I needed something to take my mind off the dwindling bank account I have.

As this was the one which covered E3, there was plenty of news that you have most likely heard on Destructoid; Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Heavy Rain, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Uncharted 2, Forza 3 and FF XIV among other games had previews. Left 4 Dead 2 had a six page spread.

However, what I want to bring your attention to a few games that got a little mention in the previews round-up. Usually GamesTM have two pages of these, but they have four thanks to the extra games featured at E3. The first of these is Glory of Heracles, an RPG for the DS...

...and then a game that I don't think even received so much as a peep. Invizimals intends the use of the PSP's Go!Cam to get you to grab at invisible monsters around your house. So far, so Eye-Toy, but the fact you can keep the monsters you find, then use them to fight against others sounds a lot deeper than an active mini-game, and so has a lot of potential.

In comparision, Monado, the Wii RPG that Ben PerLee covered at the show, doesn't seem to be in favour with whoever in the staff looked at it. Scans below;

Now, hopefully these scans are actually sharp enough that people don't require glasses. Also, forgive any images that pop off the edge of the screen; Destructoid's uploader seems to prefer advertising the benefits of linking from other places recently.

Batthink out.
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