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Batthink avatar 6:42 AM on 03.19.2009  (server time)
Another Day, Another Attempt To Tie One Psycho's Attempted Actions With Videogames

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again. This time, I seem to be in before Jim Sterling (I didn't see a post doing the same article, anyway).

The image above is the part which contains the information where someone, who decided to try to burn down his school, had 'programmed his own 'shoot 'em up' style computer games' and 'said his influence was the Doom series'. The short story is that the police were tipped off by a fellow internet user in Canada who believed the fella's claims of attacking his school 'with arson and other forms of violence'. Police then turned up, searched the 16-year-old, and found a fuel can, matches and a knife. Understandibly, he was detained under the Mental Health Act.

Since the guy's life is all over Bebo, the paper (Eastern Daily Press) lists his influences. I've got the scans of the articles (which are in high image quality, so will take a long time to load) here;

What is real scary for me is that this was going to happen at Attleborough High School, a couple of dozen miles away from where I live.

On a final note, the most interesting part of the article was this;

He had also completed an online survey with one question asking "How would you like to die?" His response: "Shot in the head by a Colt.45 at long range."

Another asked "First thought when waking up?" To which he answered: "Humanity fails."

No, humanity hasn't failed. This psycho has. Here, have a high-speed facepalm. _

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