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BastionWyvern's blog

2:30 AM on 02.23.2011

Capcom-Unity's Monster Hunter Survey!

Fellow Monster Hunter fans unite! Capcom-Unity is hosting a Monster Hunter Survey currently and I would implore all fans that are waiting for MH games not yet released here to give it a shot. If even on the slight chance Cap...   read

4:14 PM on 11.02.2010

Fist of the North Star Drinking Game!!

In honor of the Release of Fist of the North Ken's Rage I started rewatching the original show that i hadn't seen since i was in my teens. As i sat there, and watched nameless thug after nameless thug explode from ...   read

5:53 PM on 09.21.2010

Review: ClaDun: This is an RPG!, retro at its finest.

Hello retro lovers everywhere.... do i have a game for you! NIS is a company almost synonymous with quirky rpg games and this little gem is no exception. CladDun: This is an RPG! (short for Classis Dungeo...   read

5:40 PM on 09.16.2010

Monster Design Corner! Pokemon Black and White monsters revealed!

Yep its that time again! Pokemon Black and White is about to be released in Japan and early copies have seen leaks of the Poke's we can get. For every generation of new pokemon its almost tradition to hear people complain ...   read

7:21 PM on 09.09.2010

Mini-Review: Kingdom Hearts:BBS more entertaining then the original?!

I'm sure that title statement will have some KH hearts fans in an uproar , but i very much believe it to be true! Neither are perfect by any means but BBS feels like a more polished and complete game by far despite being on...   read

2:02 PM on 09.03.2010

5 Reasons to dust off your PSP in the future!

With Sony's unmistakable lack of support for the PSP its hard for gamers to get excited about playing with the exception for the occasional PS1 classic worth downloading. Fortunately there are a few games coming out relati...   read

7:17 PM on 08.31.2010

Duck hunt kitty!!!

Yeah this isn't really news or anything but its to damn cute to not show. I saw it over on Kotaku and thought id share it all of you! This cute little ball or fur is Claire and she's about the smartest game playing cat I've seen. she even learns to not attack the dog halfway through lol! How awesome is that?   read

4:21 PM on 08.31.2010

Preliminary review of Metroid Other M!

Everyone has been in a tizzy about this game since the moment it was announced Team Ninja would be heading up, causing alot of apprehension. Will it been any good? How will it fit in with the timeline? Will it feel like a ...   read

6:29 PM on 08.29.2010

Games that soothe the savage beast or What I play to not go postal!

You've just come home from (insert place you don't wanna be) and your hands are clenched in fists. Your mind is swimming with anger, jealousy, sadness or any other of the potent ingredients in the cocktail of human emotion....   read

7:58 PM on 08.28.2010

Games that need sequels : Tech Romancer

Never heard of it? Shame, shame, shame on you! This is one of Capcom's gems from the Dreamcast era and probably one of their best attempts at a 3D fighter (well certainly a great deal better then the Street Fighter EX ser...   read

11:41 AM on 08.27.2010

The first post!! Dun dun dun

Who knows if anyone will be reading any of this but I thought I should start off by saying hello.. its the courteous thing to do. If i could I'd attract reader with the sweet temptation of wontons or something but oh well. ...   read

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