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7:28 AM on 02.25.2010

Publishing paradox

Lets quickly talk about a paradox in the video game industry that makes my head do a one eighty in an attempt to look away from the madness.

In the past decade games developers have had tons of attempts at trying new things on what they have had available to them. We have had titles such as Shadow of Colossus, Majoraís Mask and Deus Ex all games that have tried something different. Even titles before that have had the balls to go nuts with a game and see how it pans out such as System Shock 2 or Fallout.

So whatís this paradox Iím talking about? Well back in the old days publishers used to actually publish titles like this, probably because they didnít have a clue to itís success or perhaps simply because everyone saw on opportunity to do something new. Nowadays we see titles that are obviously inspired by other popular games being pushed out to sell units, nothing wrong with that right?

So why is it, the developers and publishers who have the money to make meaningful experiences that push the boundaries of games design are content with just getting a game out that doesnít even bring anything new to the table while indie developers are almost expected to make brand new experiences with nothing and take all the risks. The indie developers may have nothing to lose but it seems unfair to put so much pressure on them and expect them to sell their titles for so cheep or even give them away for free when some of these experiences kick the crap out of what the industry is producing.

I donít even want to be cross to the developers working on games right now because it isnít their fault. To make a game that actually makes some money you need to advertise it and you need to make sure it looks nice or you get a slew of ďlooks crapĒ comments from the gaming population thatís sprung up in the past few years. Developers are so scared of doing new things that itís almost depressing to look at games that show so much more promise. While I know development can go crazy and one change can spiral into a hundred changes just to fix the chaos, experiments and mistakes help people learn.

I suppose what I want to see is more titles on the market that make me think, not only the story but the game play. Games that give the player choices about everything they decide to do. Games with Agency and Urgency that gets the playerís blood pumping.

Or perhaps Iím just picking the gems out of a trash pile with a pair of rose tinted glasses.

I donít know, what do you all think?
Are you happy with the games being released now days?   read

5:21 AM on 02.23.2010


First impressions on the internet are hard and this will mostly read like it was stripped from my ďAbout meĒ section or visa versa. I like to think of my self as a games designer, I have a degree in Games Design, I spend my free time writing about Games Design and tearing games apart for their design and when Iím not doing either Iím reading about Games Design (I just donít have a job in games design as of writing this).
I am still learning however and one of the best ways to learn is by learning from others and your own mistakes (this is important, if some one else makes the mistake, you wont learn why it was a mistake without understanding the process).

So letís give a quick break down of who I am.
- I love Zelda: Majoraís Mask, itís the best Zelda game by far, you are wrong for thinking otherwise (opinions be damned!).
- I think the Yakuza series is awesome; this is mostly because Kazuma is awesome.
- Mega man is probably my favourite video game series; donít ask which one, the answer is all of them.
- I love video games with giant robots.
- I love games that have agency and urgency.
- Capcom is AMAZING.
- I think Sega are cool guys.

That doesnít really say much about me, but probably enough for an introduction. So HI Destructoid community, I hope I can get you thinking and in turn you get me thinking.   read

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