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Barcode avatar 8:55 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about Barcode

1. I'm a huge Mother Fan, but I never bothered to play Mother 3.

Even though Mother 3 has been fan translated by the beloved team, I have yet to play it. I am not sure why. I guess the only real reason is that I am so focused on Earthbound (Mother 2) to where I am afraid to see how Mother 3 is for me.

2. I had a girlfriend who I turned into a small CSS gamer, then she cheated on me.

Originally her brother wanted to play, so I installed it on his computer. After awhile, he started to pick up on sports more so he had limited time to play, but my g/f, Emily aka Clementine, at the time was curious. So she started to play online as I taught her everything she needed to know to play. we had some fun times together, but I later found out that she cheated on me with another guy. And no, not like hacking, as in relationship cheating. So, if you ever see a username such as Clemi or Clem, or any other variant on a french speaking server. Kill her and boot her asap. And say that it was for Barcode.

3. The only handhelds I've owned are the GameGear, Gameboy Color, and PSP. In that order.

I first got a game gear because my sister got one, but I didn't on Christmas. Shortly after at some point, I got my own Gamegear, but, I only played one game on it. It was some MickyMouse game. Pathetic I know, but I Was young. I got the Gameboy only to play Pokemon. I got the PSP just cause a friend said it would be worthwhile. I got it, only to buy one game, and rent the others from Gamefly. Shortly after awhile, all I did was hack it, then sold it off to my friend Kristen.

4. I miss the Breath of Fire Series.

Simply put. The last Breath of Fire was exciting to see come out, but it was nothing like BOF 3 and 4.

5. My mom got me Duke Nukem for the N64 while I was sick in the 4 grade. Then she blamed all it's adult content on my Dad.

But then, both my parents returned Duke Nukem Time to Kill for the PS1 on the day of Christmas when I was much older. It still makes no sense to me to this day.

6. I've always wanted to develop video games, but I got burnt out on computer programming.

But now I am going to school for firefighting, because I also realized that I want my time spent on video games as a hobby and not as a cubical job where I'd go insane like in Office Space.

7. I was addicted to Garry's Mod.

and wiremod.

8. I was featured on Gotham TV on PGR3

and I somehow got popular in high school among my class over that.

9. I'm almost too lazy to write in this blog, and fear that what I post is old news.

My very first blog post on here was considered good for being new, but as time went on, what I'd post was considered old news, such as the old old old demo of Crayon Physics Deluxe. I almost posted about the release the moment after I got the release email on my phone. I decided not to.

10. I still want a gamer girl g/f despite my previous events with gamer girls.

You all now know about my olf g/f who cheated on me on CSS. However, there's two more girls who were gamer girls that I had been with along the way. One liked playing GoldenEye all the time when we were at her house. She later dumped me while I was working in another state on the BB King Museum. She never did tell me her real reason. Another girl who played WoW and some other fun games led me on twice only to shove me away. Great times, right?

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