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My name is Barcode. My real name is Alan. I'm 20, wishing I was 21 so I can drink beers instead of Fresca while I game. I've been a member for either a year or almost a year now. At some point, I stopped blogging and just lurked for the longest of times. I'm not sure if it's being single that's compelling me to write the blog again or not, but damnit I know that I am going to have fun.

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F1 2010

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A job

I've been gaming since before I could speak and I presently own:
Playstation 2
Atari (forget which one)
GameBoy Color
Sega Gamegear

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10:43 PM on 01.14.2011

I highly doubt that anyone will actually remember my old Broke Ass Gamer series that lasted only two episodes long. Anyhow, alot has been learned from my mistakes in the past (ie really freakishly long episodes with no real sense of direction).

So now I present a new series of Broke Ass Gamer where Episode three is somewhat expected to come out soon.

Broke Ass Gamer was a series that started out based on the idea that I was, well, broke, and a gamer. So, I couldn’t just easily go out and buy myself a new game. I also refused to trade in my games to try to get a new game. So the only option I had was to turn to my old games that I stockpiled up over the years. However, playing the said older games caused me to have flashbacks of my youth, but then realized that I actually tolerated alot of crap! Sure some of the games back in the day are still good to this day, but times have changed and so have many gamers like myself. Not all gamers will agree with me on each game I play. Some I absolutely cannot stand at all, and others I still want to play to this day!

Also, hello again to anyone that may remember me from a long time ago.

This kid is worse than the kids who lose their World of Warcraft accounts.

6:10 PM on 07.18.2009

I finally got myself around to playing retro games again and made another video. This time, I'm playing basketball games. Check it.

8:58 PM on 06.24.2009

Once again I am late. Sorry!

Anyhow, the radio is live and online. I am not sure how long I will be keeping this up tonight (possibly 2 hours).

Alrighty, for those who know how to connect, here's your link to download the playlist: (link removed)

For those who are not sure how to connect. Here is how. If you have something like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp (possibly your best bet), or even VLC media player. You click the link above and download it. You can either open it (if one of the above programs will auto open it), or download it (best for if you're unsure of which program will auto open the file).

Once you download the playlist file from the link above, open up your music program and open the file that you have downloaded (should be called listen.pls

If you have any trouble, post below and I will try to help troubleshoot the problem for you.

For those who would like to request a song, please upload the song you would like to request to something like megaupload, and shoot the link in the comments below and tell me what the song name is.

If you have any questions, just ask here!

Please enjoy HTP radio!

It may take several attempts to secure a connection with the radio. Give it a few tries.

Update Update:
Alrighty, it is now... roughly 2 in the morning here, and I'm off to bed. I had a great time Djing for you people, and you should expect another night of music fairly soon! I'll probably host perhaps this weekend or something.

There has been a slight reschedule with tonights broadcast. Instead of broadcasting at 8 PM EST tonight I will be broadcasting at 9:30 PM EST. Generally this is because of a cook out that I can not pass up. Who wouldn't pass up free steaks right?

Anyhow, check back later at about 9ish and I will have an updated blog post telling you how to connect to the radio and how to request songs for the station!

Coming this Wednesday night (and possibly more to come) I, Barcode (and maybe soon to be DJ Barcode), will be hosting HTP Radio (Hack the Planet) radio!

The radio will be playing video game inspired music. This will be anything in 8bit, chiptune, or ocremix, or even something straight from the video games themselves! Yeah, it covers quiet a bit of music eh?

So how exactly does this work? It's simple. You're using your tool to listen in. All you need is your computer and a music listening program such as iTunes, Winamp, VLC media player, Windows Media Player (or anything that will allow you to listen in on streaming music).

I will be hosting the radio come Wednesday night at 8PM EST and I will post how to connect to the radio.