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10:43 PM on 01.14.2011

Broke Ass Gamer is Back

I highly doubt that anyone will actually remember my old Broke Ass Gamer series that lasted only two episodes long. Anyhow, alot has been learned from my mistakes in the past (ie really freakishly long episodes with no real sense of direction).


So now I present a new series of Broke Ass Gamer where Episode three is somewhat expected to come out soon.

Broke Ass Gamer was a series that started out based on the idea that I was, well, broke, and a gamer. So, I couldnít just easily go out and buy myself a new game. I also refused to trade in my games to try to get a new game. So the only option I had was to turn to my old games that I stockpiled up over the years. However, playing the said older games caused me to have flashbacks of my youth, but then realized that I actually tolerated alot of crap! Sure some of the games back in the day are still good to this day, but times have changed and so have many gamers like myself. Not all gamers will agree with me on each game I play. Some I absolutely cannot stand at all, and others I still want to play to this day!

Also, hello again to anyone that may remember me from a long time ago.   read

7:25 PM on 07.30.2009

Alan's [me] Reaction to Emo Nerd smashes his room


This kid is worse than the kids who lose their World of Warcraft accounts.   read

6:10 PM on 07.18.2009

Broke Ass Gamer Ep2

I finally got myself around to playing retro games again and made another video. This time, I'm playing basketball games. Check it.

[embed]140419:20735[/embed]   read

8:58 PM on 06.24.2009

HTP Online Radio is LIVE

Once again I am late. Sorry!

Anyhow, the radio is live and online. I am not sure how long I will be keeping this up tonight (possibly 2 hours).

Alrighty, for those who know how to connect, here's your link to download the playlist: (link removed)

For those who are not sure how to connect. Here is how. If you have something like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp (possibly your best bet), or even VLC media player. You click the link above and download it. You can either open it (if one of the above programs will auto open it), or download it (best for if you're unsure of which program will auto open the file).

Once you download the playlist file from the link above, open up your music program and open the file that you have downloaded (should be called listen.pls

If you have any trouble, post below and I will try to help troubleshoot the problem for you.

For those who would like to request a song, please upload the song you would like to request to something like megaupload, and shoot the link in the comments below and tell me what the song name is.

If you have any questions, just ask here!

Please enjoy HTP radio!

It may take several attempts to secure a connection with the radio. Give it a few tries.

Update Update:
Alrighty, it is now... roughly 2 in the morning here, and I'm off to bed. I had a great time Djing for you people, and you should expect another night of music fairly soon! I'll probably host perhaps this weekend or something.   read

6:33 PM on 06.24.2009

HTP Radio (slight reschedule)

There has been a slight reschedule with tonights broadcast. Instead of broadcasting at 8 PM EST tonight I will be broadcasting at 9:30 PM EST. Generally this is because of a cook out that I can not pass up. Who wouldn't pass up free steaks right?

Anyhow, check back later at about 9ish and I will have an updated blog post telling you how to connect to the radio and how to request songs for the station!   read

12:01 AM on 06.23.2009

HTP Online Radio (Video Game Inspired Radio)

Coming this Wednesday night (and possibly more to come) I, Barcode (and maybe soon to be DJ Barcode), will be hosting HTP Radio (Hack the Planet) radio!

The radio will be playing video game inspired music. This will be anything in 8bit, chiptune, or ocremix, or even something straight from the video games themselves! Yeah, it covers quiet a bit of music eh?

So how exactly does this work? It's simple. You're using your tool to listen in. All you need is your computer and a music listening program such as iTunes, Winamp, VLC media player, Windows Media Player (or anything that will allow you to listen in on streaming music).

I will be hosting the radio come Wednesday night at 8PM EST and I will post how to connect to the radio.   read

6:44 PM on 06.19.2009

Broke Ass Gamer Episode 1 is here!

After many hours of hell and dealing with shitty video editors and such, the video is finally here. The games featured are Low G Man, Starship Hector, and Kick Master!

Part 1:

Part 2:

As originally posted at:   read

6:06 PM on 06.10.2009

Broke Ass Gamer Teaser Trailer

I got pretty bored today and thought about making a series based on my experience of surviving boredom through older video games. I'm broke with barely any money. This is a series I am considering starting up for the site Morphine Nation.

[embed]135727:19978[/embed]   read

4:19 PM on 06.09.2009

Earthbound Saga on sale now

The people behind the making of EB Saga have decided to put their series on DVD for sale. Anyone who is a fan of their stuff should go ahead and buy into this because the money earned will help go towards continuing the series in much better quality.


Click here to buy the DVD! (Itís only 20 bucks and comes with a POSTER of the Runaway 5)

For those unaware of EB SagaÖ watch the first chapter that I embedded below, which will explain just about everything.


As I originally posted at   read

4:22 PM on 06.02.2009

My feelings about XBL with Twitter, Facebook, and

Probably no one on here knows that I write for Morphine Nation now, but nonetheless, I write a very shitty, and yes, let me say that again, very shitty web comic for the site as well. I swore to myself that I would never write a comic based on video game news or video games in general, however when I saw about Xbox live and all the new features, I couldn't pass this up.

Click here to check it out. I write under the name Alan Parker for those who are wondering.

I know alot of people just won't agree with me on the whole thing.   read

12:30 PM on 03.07.2009

Chiptune Awesomeness: Chiptune Megamix

Roughly a year ago, I was looking online for some more chiptune music to listen to. This was shortly before I discovered GirlJoy. The Megamix is roughly one hour and fifteen minutes long. This is certainly something to listen to when you're driving for a long period or time or you got some friends coming over for something and you need background music.

Go ahead, start listening. The intro might be lame, the but rest is golden.

The Megamix features chiptuners known as: 4Bit Bonsai, DJ Fhantom, Eric Chiptune, Fighter X, Fish and Chip 8 Bit, Henry Homesweet, IPAGHOST, Kendo, Lazy Comet, Monster Plastic, Myst, Rainbow Jump Orchestra, Sabrepulse, and Teethandfeet. The mix is well done due to Radio Sctovoid's attempt to mesh together all the songs with his equalizer and some other tools he uses. Some parts of this mix literally gets me thinking of some games that I've played before. At one point it literally sounds like a song from one of the Sonic games redone. I can't figure out which one, but it starts playing at 39 minutes. For those who are checking out what I'm saying, give it 2 minutes so you can hear the beat and hear the transition. I'm sure that once you hear the transition you'll know what I am talking about, you can't miss it.

The Megamix is free for download. The webpage for it is right here.

I've enjoyed this Megamix and I feel that it is a must have for anyone who enjoys Chiptunes (I know you guys are out there.) Heck, even Mr. Destructoid was at a Lo-Tek Resistance Event.

Mr.Destructoid filming at the Lo-Tek Resistance Event. The guy in purple is FighterX.   read

11:09 PM on 03.02.2009

Review of Star Ocean: The Last Hope

It was Tuesday the 26th of February and I had just woken up and literally shat myself upon getting out of bed. I realized that roughly a week ago I put all my money down to reserve a game coming out that very day. What game was it?

You guessed it! The next installment of the Star Ocean series! I cleaned myself up and I went to Gamestop to pick up my copy and launched into some small talk with the clerk at the desk. We carried on talking about Star Ocean and how much we liked the series like two girls talking about their favorite make-up. This was despite the fact how pushy he was for me to buy the Strategy guide (also despite the fact how broke I was.)

After that, I rushed home and sat down to pop in my first disc. And when I say first disc, I am saying the first disc of three. Luckily for me, I did not have work or school to deal with, so I got to clock in 11 hours of play within my first day. How awesome, right?

Once I popped in the disc, I did what just about anyone did, which was watch the beginning video before the start screen. Though the graphics were pre rendered, I was in awe from the graphics. However, the pre rendered scenes was something to expect from the get go. I finally got to the start screen and started up my game. Iím glad I watched the first video because then I was able to get a better explanation of the background story during the opening scenes.

Within the first few minutes of starting up, I learned that Tri Ace had combined both pre rendered scenes and real time scenes together. However, I did have a few moments where I couldnít entirely tell if it was pre rendered or not, but other times it was completely obvious. Regardless, it was still pretty damn awesome.

Anyhow, I started out with the battle simulator and did every key detail. It took me a good half hour, and I was able to note a few things that were different from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and some that were actually a major improvement. What I love most about the updated battle system is being able to perform blindside attacks. These are attacks where your enemy loses track of where you are and you have a better chance of landing a critical attack. As you progress through the game, you become able to perform double blindside attacks. Anyone new to the series might have a hard time trying to understand how the whole battle system works, but for anyone who has played the series at least starting from Star Ocean: The Second Story will have a pretty good or solid understanding of how it works.

After fiddling with the battle simulator, I started to get into the story. Let me tell you, starting out there is a whole lot to take in and try to understand. However, as time continued I began to understand more of the story and learned to pay more attention to the long cut scenes. Donít get me wrong, the long cut scenes are great, but you can easily find yourself lost when you have clocked in 5 hours in a row playing without rest. As a fan of the series, I was aware of how to play Star Ocean.

Itís simple, you play in long segments (i.e. until your ass hurts from sitting.) If you donít, you can become easily lost or youíll find yourself frantically trying to find a save spot and venture back into reality before you miss your next class/shift/appointment/phone call, etc.

The gas price will save us shit tons of FOL for our ship!

The large and vast environments are a major leap for Tri Ace compared to their release of Till the End of Time. The levels are more detailed and there is more environment interactivity. You are now introduced to the ability to harvest and mine. You harvest by finding a specific spot and gathering items. Usually youíll find useable items for combat as well as items to cook with. You can mine to simply find new metals and other items useable for building new weapons. These two new features lead into item creation.

Once again, this is another major leap for Tri Ace. Item creation has been around since Star Ocean: The Second Story. Itís essentially a feature where you use various charactersí abilities to take raw materials and make items which you can sell or use for yourself. This is a major leap because item creation in The Last Hope isnít as much of a pain in the butt compared to Till the End of Time.

In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, battle trophies had been introduced into the game. They werenít really introduced until fairly late in the game. This time, however, battle trophies are made available from the very beginning. Which is cool because it keeps you motivated and seeking out bigger challenges. Oh, and some of the trophies are pretty amusing, too.

Yeah, I did it.

The strongest points of Star Ocean: The Last Hope are the plot and character interactivity. Not once did I find myself bored with the plot or the characters. I actually spent most of my time laughing and smiling. The background of all the characters and their personalities kept me laughing while the plot kept me wanting to dig deeper and deeper as time went on in the game. I have to say, this might just be the first RPG to keep me on my toes since Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I felt like I had an actual connection with the characters and I found myself feeling like the characters did whenever a new problem presented itself.

Despite that I somewhat rushed through the game since itís release (only 36 hours recorded play time, which to me, is a lot knowing how busy I am nowÖ damn adulthood) there is still a lot more for me to explore. The side quests alone have proven to be diverting and time consuming. Whether it be getting a rare item or simply getting experience, the side quests are rewarding in and of themselves.

Iíve completed the game and found myself going through it again to try to find new parts of the plot Iíve missed and go back to find items that are rare and Iíve changed the difficulty to what was made available to me.

As a Star Ocean fan, I found myself having flashbacks to the previous games. Not just because of the plot, which has its ties with the other games, but because of the character dialogues and the music. Some of the music can be rooted back to Star Ocean: The Second Story. The one that stood out to me the most was the remake of the song ďStab the Sword of JusticeĒ which is played in many of the battles back on Second Story.

As you can tell Iím very pleased with what I payed for and give my final verdict as a 9 out of 10. Mind you that this is only my verdict, therefore this is subjective just like any other person reviewing the game. For anyone that has played the series, this is a must buy. Do not let Till The End of Time prevent you from buying this. For any newcomers, brace yourself. I suggest waiting to hear more of what other people say or renting it to see if youíll enjoy it. This game isnít for anyone who doesnít finish a lot of the games they start. My friend made that mistake and found himself not enjoying the game to its full extent.

Bottom Line: Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a must buy. Itís the best thus far in the series, is visually stunning at any given moment, and is quite possibly (arguably, of course) the best RPG to date for the Xbox 360. Nuff said.   read

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