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Barack Obama avatar 12:46 AM on 03.04.2008  (server time)
I do not find hope in violence. Let us forego Brawl in favor of the game of hope!

As an opponent of the Iraqi war since its inception, I find that violence is not the answer.
Just as great men before me have advocated change through non-violence, I feel that I
have been given the opportunity to unite America not through "final smashes," but through
hope. Where does this desire and passion for change that America has so beautifully
graced us with manifest itself?

Appearing on March 10, George of the Jungle is searching for a secret? What is that
secret? One that has been beneath our noses the entire time as a conservative
administration has prevented our children from swinging from trees and unifying under the
banner of hope.

Now you may ask yourself, "How can we turn around the Brawl war machine and the harm
it has already caused to American national security and the future of our children?" This is
simple, take the higher road and pick George of the Jungle next week.

I do not see a white America. I do not see a black America. I do not see a liberal America.
I do not see a conservative America. I see an American jungle of unity and hope that
strives for change. We need not fight over which white cartoon character to fight as when
we can find the simplicity and unity of a man named George in the jungle - a man that
gives us hope.

George of the Jungle promotes free and affordable health care for all Americans and will
pull us from Iraq on day one of my presidency with his seemingly limitless vines of hope.

So join me on election day. Vote for the jungle. Vote for hope. Vote for unity. Vote for
change. Vote against Brawl.

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