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Bankrupt Gamer avatar 12:13 AM on 11.21.2012  (server time)
Through the Eyes of a Casual: My Let's Playing Experience

Before I begin I should do a small explanation on what a Let's Play is. A Let's Play or LP is a person who plays a game while adding commentary on top of it. There are many variations on style and can be entertaining and funny, or informative and review style. Let's Playing is extremely popular on YouTube with a few popular names becoming Partner such as ChuggaaConroy and ProtonJonSA.

Now admittedly I have done Let's Playing in the past. I've always had a fascination with it as I saw it as more entertaining than television and movies. It was just so raw and funny because I always had the ability to say oh this would make me mad... or I know how to solve that common it's so obvious. So naturally I wanted to give it a shot and I did... to a small degree of success.

I have been fascinated with video games all my life and really wish I could enter the industry but sadly I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm just not cut out to explore the world of computer engineering and am not nearly talented enough an artist to make it through that route. I am however and always have been a bit of a showman. Just an innate ability to draw crowds and get people's focus for periods of time. I figured this is the only way I could ever contribute to the gaming industry in this small insignificant way.

Most of my single person LP's no longer exist... this is more due to my obsession with perfection and the fact that I hate the mic I'm using so much that... well I broke it. However one of my good friends made an invite to me that I just couldn't refuse. I got the chance to head down to Victoria, Canada and record a few videos with him. Nothing too crazy but it sounded like fun so of course I accepted.

Here are a few of the videos we created and the comments on them:
Power Rangers

Power Rangers is one that I don't remember that well but it turned out as one of the better ones we did minus a little bit of volume issues. This video contains some of the funniest commentary we did and it was so authentic that I could actually say "okay I was on autopilot" I didn't think about things to say just did them. And the moment that we morph is SO GOOD! It still makes me laugh watching it now. This Let's Play is essentially what it's all about and embodies the enjoyment that we get from gaming with friends... It has been a long time since I've had that genuine enjoyment of playing multiplayer with someone.

Mario's Early Year

This is an example of one we did as a joke (obviously) It was such a bad game but with the commentary provided we were able to make it enjoyable to sit through... I also make a very inappropriate joke but that's all part of the fun.

Captain Novolin

One of the worst game concepts I have ever seen... Seriously this game was funny with or without commentary...

I wanted to provide a small window of what went down while I was in Victoria. I'm in no way looking to get famous off of these but using this more to show that gaming locally is far superior to online gaming if nothing more for the human interaction... I had so much fun doing these and playing all these games with my friend. Please enjoy these and remember this was all done in good fun! :)

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