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1:25 AM on 09.24.2012

Little Big Imagination!

Little Big Planet the Series

Our first glimpse at this new IP was back in October 23, 2008 when Little Big Planet came to the Playstation 3. The tech was ripe and the ability to bring the fun of a creation engine to an action platformer along with the charm of your favorite most cuddly stuffed animal and dressing him up in as many different costumes from official ones to the custom created user content. It was widely embraced by gamers and quickly the user created content took off..

The Singleplayer experience gave you everything you needed while Stephen Fry tongues your earhole with humor unmatched by most British comedians. The off brand humor may pass by most kid's capacity to understand while adults will feel they can safely enjoy all the joys of a creation sim. NPC's were unique and fit with the theme of your imagination being cute and quirky while others were more of the sarcastic side of humor. While the story may not be anything to write home about it certainly got the juices flowing for most as the multiplayer experience offered everything possible from Metal Gear solid to Final Fantasy. All of greatest designers soon made LBP online community something wonderful.

Everything wasn't so bunnies and confetti farts tho as the game experienced several bugs and issues in it's online portion, something MM at the time could have never predicted. The controls were pretty slippery which turn alot of people off to the idea of a platformer that played like two midgets in a dryer. The online community did also have a fetish for Super Mario Brothers and other platformers which you had to wade through the millions of terrible levels yet soon MM was handling things like a AAA studio, searches, filter listings, favorites.. everything that made gaming after the singleplayer possible and fun! Tho dont get me wrong, Lag was a severe issue and sometimes data became corrupt by certain updates.. Quite a hard thing to get past.

Little Big Planet for the Playstation Portable came out on 17th of November, 2009 to a hungry following. People had high hopes for the small platformer to bring all the excitement and hype from LBP for the ps3 to the PSP. I for one was a day one preorder as I have ALWAYS been a fan of the god game genre. To put my imagination into my works.. that was definitely something that sucked me in instantly about the series that I had hoped would be true for the PSP.

LBP Psp's single player experience felt huge for such a small portable even tho it cut down on the layers to 2 from LBP1's 3 layers as the power of the psp had to have the entire game redesigned which in turn caused many issues and bugs that soon became apparent. The launch was a disaster with many players unable to get their preorder DLC or collectors editions. The editor was the greatest issue as it was broken. Many features simply just fell apart or layers stuck together when glueing objects together.. it felt like a little kid had grabbed my psp, smudget paste all over it then stuck a giant dildo right on the viewscreen.

Despite all the issues of shifting values and leaky coding I was able to finish several levels and even had one published. Many of the same issues appeared tho as the online community was just as bad as LBP, Mario everywhere.. I dont know how many times I remade a level because the editor had shifted all values to the left effectively breaking switches..

LBP 2 for the PS3 came out in January 18, 2011 to once again stun critics and fans alike when many of the creation tools were revamped and upgraded to host tons of new game types such as RPG's, Fighters, Many Bullet Hell games among others. With this second incarnation there was much it could add and many new characters along for the ride along with new PS Move controls to make it all better.

The editor was crisp, the stickers, costumes and DLC were all must haves, completing levels made you feel stronger, overcoming the slightly slippery controls of the last 2 games it game a bit more control over the fun which made failure to make a platform less rage inducing as it was usually by one's own damned fault. I must also say that the PS Move was a welcome addition to beable to use as it gave "touch" based controls to the ps3's offering and made levels fun not stupidly implimented like some other motion sensing controller I know... The game also offered more powerups, the inclusion of water and even more move based gameplay.. FPS? LBP2 can do them.. Top down bullet hell games.. yep LBP 2 as well.

Somewhat soon after LBP Vita came out surprisingly a week or so before the set street date.. Much to my glee my preorder had gone through perfectly and I was soon finding myself booting up the LBP PSV version. Everything from the intro to the story was perfect. This game truely felt like it found it's home on the PSV like all along the game was just waiting for its debut on this very console.

Touch controls for the vita felt very fluid and didn't take much getting used to at all. I can safely say that this is my absolute favorite portable game of all time. This beats out so many others in my long line of portable titles that have set my heart ablaze.

All of Little Big Planet 2's features have stayed intact on this portable outing of said game yet lets not confuse this as a port of LBP2, this is all of the best of all the LBP series and it certainly has high replay value on the singleplayer alone. So far the best level is a Jawsome level where you run from floating rafts to which you must make it to the finish before a nasty shark attacks and devours you.. The endless fun this proves is a challenge of your skills to outsmart a pretty ruthlessly tuned AI monster shark..

As of writing this the game still hasn't officially dropped and my current DLC isn't accessible and after some digging on I was able to find out that all costumes should be finished by december, but lets hope that they release faster then that. I'm aching to bring Ghost from MW2 and War from darksiders on over to my vita.

For all of those who are expecting something epic from my LBP creations best stay tuned.. and to give you guys a teaser hint..

If anyone is expecting this game series to be given anything less then a 10 outta 10 from me then you all will be sorely disappointed!

DEN OUTTA DEENNNN!!! (10/10)   read

4:06 PM on 09.18.2012

Review: Super Star Wars (SNES)

As many have guessed I am a little late on this review. Hopefully I don't lose my non-job blogging over it!

Super Star Wars (SNES [reviewed], Wii Virtual console)
Developer: Lucas Arts/Sculptured Software
Publisher: JVC/Nintendo
Released: June 1, 1992

Super Star Wars released to a generally accepting population of gamers. It gave us the big screen movie experience in the palm of our hands! I remember first booting this game up and seeing all of it's 16bit, side scrolling, glory. I rented this game from Blockbuster and in my need to play, such a wonderful capturing of the Star Wars Universe, I already had that rental box open and inspecting every inch of the SNES cart. I couldn't get home fast enough.

Day 1: I get the game! Woot! It's inside my SNES and... uh... it's all buggy looking, did they intend this? I'll just blow the cart out... There we go! DUN NUUUUUNNN!!! I literally melted into an ooze of pleasurable bliss that the beautiful soundtrack instilled. After the intro we've all seen literally billions of times I saw my adventure unfolding as Luke, the blaster wielding, wildlife murdering, Jedi in training.

After an intro screen that allows you to see what you're in for.. you follow the logical progression of the movie yet a ton of monsters and items were added that seemed to make the world real, give it life and pad the game out longer then a movie. One note I will make is the graphics were 16bit but 100% engrossing. The soundtrack mirrored the movie and gave everything such a perfect atmosphere.

I remember the first time I saw that glorious sandcrawler, I was excited at how accurately they portrayed this object of 2 dimensions. It never felt more enthralling. The platforming was challenging due to the somewhat slippery controls. Most mario games never suffered this but it felt like it fit the theme. The gameplay consisted of run and gun and if you were to go back the insufferable enemy generators would throw monsters at you so you'd be quickly overrun. The game had challenge and the bosses were unique enough yet something really irked me about these bosses. They were broken sometimes, shooting certain areas on a monster where the monster was a mobile flying fortress made it difficult for anyone BUT Luke.

There were some terrible vehicle sections that controlled like I was driving a bumper car on ice..

Day 2: So I've gotten past the sandcrawler level and flown off of Tatooine. About this point you've aquired Chewie and Han and they have minor differences, Han can roll on the ground to dodge shots but takes the same ammount of damage as Luke, Chewie on the other hand is a tank, he takes less damage and deals a bit more. I like challenges and this all felt like different difficulties, if you wanted an easy as pie game go for Luke in those missions I've made it to the Deathstar

The tie fighters are atrociously annoying but add a fun little bit of gameplay to make it feel unique definitely getting sucked in. You make your way through and fight the traditional enemies, jumping more pits then pitfall had and it's easy to see why this game had it's appeal.

Games aren't like this any more, they dont punish you for failing they allow save points constantly strewn about and they give you powerups like they're going out of style. If you failed at today's game they patted you on the back and gave you another try. Games past the n64 era decided it's too hard for gamers to game so now a days they hold your hand. Popup screens telling you what you needed to do.. Super Star Wars? It bent you over a bantha and had it's marry way with you.. To beat this game via blockbuster rental was an achievement before they started giving you achievements for turning on the game..

When you told your friends, "YEA! I beat Super Star Wars!" they were impressed. "Wow dude?! how did you do it in 5 days?!" to which I'd give a smartass reply like, "I'm god's son, JC!" which ironically were my initials..

To sum up the rest of this game since it would take forever to do a breakdown of all that was. It was a time when Lucas Arts was a game company, having creative ideas, great games and solid offerings. Progressively they got worse, games came out broken and buggy, lacking substance, retelling the SAME STORY. It all was too much. I think once podracer came out for the n64 Lucas arts was done. They rarely held my attention on anything they've made. Even Force Unleashed had it's, "Ugh.." moments yet it showed that Lucas Arts had a glint in their eye and then they proceeded to milk the franchise with FU2..

Super Star Wars was a reminder that Lucas Arts was once an amazing company then Lucas got creative control..

All in all minus the vehicle missions and rampant enemy generators
All in all this game gets a 9 outta 10   read

4:07 PM on 09.17.2012

Gaming for a Retro Gamer

Do a barrel roll!

I'm Banana Gobbler.
Most of you know me from OH and the rest of you have no clue.. so consider the ones who don't as lucky. I originally started my gaming career as a hardcore Nintendo nut, I had every console up to Gamecube made by Nintendo and all were grand. My games experience originally started with the NES like many others but I'd also been heavily into PC's. Playing my first co-op game on Qbasic with Gorillaz - the wacky banana tossing game where you and a friend have to guess angles and force also judgement based on the environmental details such as the wind and the height of the buildings that made of the sprawling city that these two Kong sized gorillas were standing on.

My PC gaming took off with many games like Thunderscape - A little known rpg by SSI that blended all the best aspects of first person rpg's with the tech of dos and the pentium chipset at my fingertips. I played the hell out of that game, every time I played I got farther and my lust for more lore, more puzzles chance at new and unique heroes. I mean seriously where else can you have a party with a Rhinoman, a Skeletal Warrior, a Steam Golem, a Lizardman, a Fairy and an Elf..

I continued enjoying games on the NES during the time leading up to Thunderscape. Duck hunt and Mario were played the hell out of and I didn't even know other games existed until Zelda's gold cart came along. Shortly after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida and seeing how I was in Miami at the time our house was hit. I remember coming back after and finding someone's roof still intact and crunched through our garage. Where we would have been staying to ride out the storm had we not decided to leave last second. Ironically the NES got drenched and so did all my toys but like a hero from the fires my dad came through, cleaning the entire NES so it worked even better then before! By that time my folks got us an SNES the coming Xmas tho so I didn't get to play much more of my NES before we sold it in a garage sale.

The Second Coming of Nintendo! SNES!

That sounds like something you'd be shouting if you had too much snot in your nose when way too excited! Yanno essentially how everyone was as a kid and got something they never new existed or that it was so amazing and so obvious that it should be..

The SNES for me was a gift from the gods, sweet graphics.. broad color pallet.. the music! My god the music!! Not only did it bring amazing looking (for the time) graphics and sound but it also brought the games. After my experience with the Nintendo, to see the SNES and how many games were out for it made my little childparts happy with glee! The first time I turned it on and heard the trademark Nintendo sound.. oh... I creamed myself before my sack even dropped. Super Mario World was the first game I got and Super Mario World was the first game my ADHD little brainmatter stuck to and finished when nothing before would caress my limbic system with such sweet delights.

I quickly found an amazing set of games such as Super Starwars and sequels. Blockbuster was my way of experiencing games and experience them I did. Renting from blockbuster and their short rental times made it a challenge to beat a game before you took it back or else you NEVER finished it (unless you reeeaaaaaallly begged for it for Xmas.. *coughs "Mario RPG" Cough*) Seeing as Battletoads, TMNT4 Turtles in Time, Street Fighter and Starfox were some of my best loved. I also owned Pilot wings, Flashback and Out of this world. All games I loved intensely. Many more would soon follow yet after time I lost interest into a new console Sega was churning out games for genesis and I got a new console, tho it was more for my father.

Genesis and Game Gear kinda flew past me, Robocop, Terminator 1 and 2, The many sonics.. Those were the days. These games didn't have graphics so they had to tell it in stories, each of which sucked me in like an asian prostitute. I had fun times with these consoles but not much to say.

N64 the Nintendo Whore

Man did the games come in. Jesus. By this time my friends and I played the hell out of this console they were fun and they were enchanting, Golden Eye, 1080, Conkers bad furday, Mario 64, Mario Kart! Talk about some amazing games! They taught me a ton but they also made me realize that you didn't need graphics to have fun (as the ps1 had the graphics but no games I was interested in)

Skipping ahead abit as I'm sure all of my gaming experiences will eventually come out in later blogs I will say that Diablo and Diablo 2 took up a huge chunk of my time as did Everquest and Starwars Galaxies Each enchanting before falling into monotony. More and more I felt myself being pulled away from consoles as I saw a trend growing. I stayed out of the ps2 but I had Dreamcast (RIP my love..) and Gamecube, all of which were so fun.. Smash.. Soul Calibur.. Sonic Adventure.. So many games.. so much fun!

Skip Ahead to a magical MMO that captured my lust for lore and Blizzard who I had been following since the Blackthorne and Lost Vikings era, hell even through the Space Hulk games. World of Warcraft came out and was intensely exciting, I killed stuff and squealed with delight as I leveled! "TWANG!" I still remember from Everquest... This did it better.. But it didn't have the same endless hours of charm that Everquest had. Where Everquest felt like being taken on a mind-blowing ride where you explored and were rewarded, World of Warcraft felt like I was pushing through, needing to get through it.

And thus my addiction to World of Warcrack manifested!

WoW gripped my need to mindlessly grind and kill and party up, meet new people, be social. It was a breath of fresh air as I was highly antisocial. I eventually broke that shell which I do thank my WoW clans for setting up events and getting together for fun times. That helped me really step out and into gamings offerings since about the Daily Crusades (the Daily quests leading up to the Lich King) turned me off as they were just keeping me busy until they stopped being lazy and releasing content. I saw a glorious game become something of a shell of it's former self and thus my PSP/PS3 gaming interests came.

Sony love? No... Sony NEED!

I actually had purchased my PSP first, finding the system to be amazingly fun and powerful for such a handheld, my DS couldn't touch the RPGs and games I experienced on the PSP and I went through many, all I loved. The UMD's were a bit redic but I didn't feel at the time that it was an issue, I gladly had the pocket space for a umd case and my psp+case so I didn't mind experiencing all the fun. That PSP quickly grew into a PS3, getting tons of games to which one I love the most. Little Big Planet. I loved that game so much I purchased the psp version and got LBP2 and it's why this coming Weds I'm also getting LBP for the Vita. It was a creation sim for a kid who lived and breathed legos..

Despite the broken build of LBP PSP I enjoyed the creation so much that I would design an entire level for hours save it and go to bed only for me to come back the next day and have it broken with items out of place, switches broken, all sorts of atrocities of buggy gameplay. But I was there remaking the levels, working with the bugs and finding I created an amazing level..

My first PSP Level published.
Eureka! A Sack full of adventure!

My current love is for Sony, Its true I am a Sony Fanboy but mostly because there's that or PC and everyone's a fan of PC. I hate Apple products due to the rampant milking that they continue to do from their customers, the environment, and their workers.

I currently own a cracked PSP (for emulation of snes/nes/genesis/gamegear basically all old consoles no longer in production), DS, PSV, PS3 and I dont plan on getting the next gen consoles unless Sony surprises the hell out of me which they did with this PS vita..

So that in a nutshell is me, Banana Gobbler. I've got a lot of love, but also got a lot of hate.. for everyone!   read

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