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BalloonFighter's blog

7:03 PM on 10.02.2010

Wills you be my friend?

Hey D-toiders. Not sure if this is an abuse of the blog system but I finally became a gold member on Xbox-Live and I was looking for some solid buddies. I figure this is the best place to start cause most D-toiders seem pretty mature and cool. I've been rocking Left 4 Dead 2, Battlefield 1943 and Team Fortress so if any of you play those games and want to buddy up, send me a request or something, however it works I don't know. My Live name is Crazy 8 Bit. Don't be shy.


7:15 PM on 06.15.2010

Zelda Gets the Shaft

Maybe it's just me but it feels that the Zelda reveal isn't getting the attention that I thought it would. Perhaps we have finally tired of the franchise considering we have been treated to new entries in the franchise much more frequently as of late. Nintendo had an absolute stellar show today and I think they won E3(it's a contest right?).
Maybe all the megatons sucked away Zeldas thunder. Who saw Donkey Kong Country or Kirby comming? Plus Kid Icarus looks very exciting. I swear to you I teared up during that trailer and feel very silly because I did but holy shit that looks fun. The 3DS will be mine day one . I can't put into words how I feel about that glorious device. Nintendo delivered big time today. They showed me why I am such a fan. Boy they did :]
Is it Zeldas bold Wind Wakeresque graphics that have people underwhelmed? I always thought that game was beautiful and consider it one of my favorite games ever. This looks like adult Wind Waker...I should have gooed myself. I just can't figure it out. Am I alone in feeling this way? The Zelda franchise is second only to Mario in my opinion. I've played them all and will surly play this one too. I just wish I was more excited at this point.
I guess we haven't seen much and it still has a ways to go before its release date gets pushed back 8 months. I really hope my tune changes. I want to love this game.


7:37 PM on 12.31.2009


One of my resolutions for this year will be posting blogs on Destructoid. This is number 1. I'll start with a brief introduction.
My name is T.J. I am 29 years old and I live in Ohio also I'm a dude. I am really big into photography and gaming. I have been involved with photography for nearly ten years and gaming my whole life, since the Atari days to be exact. I am into any gaming genre as long as I have fun but probably hold platformers at the top. My current systems are Wii, Dsi and Xbox360 but I do own many older ones as well.
I plan on writing reviews and other opinion fare and hope I pick up a few readers.I also hope I stick with this because my writing skills need a good workout.Well that will be all for today. I hope everyone has a safe, arrest free ,new years eve and I'll see you next year. (I hate when people say that)   read

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