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Ballistic avatar 1:15 PM on 10.04.2010  (server time)
Welcome to 2005! AKA An old blogger returns!

Hey Dtoid, it's been a long time!

A few may recognize me, but most of you probably don't. I'm just a fellow lover of video games from the back country of North Carolina. I've been following Destructoid for a couple years now, and since then I even posted a few blogs on here about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately I hit a roadblock and never quite got back on track to producing more blogs, even after starting half a dozen different topics that never quite got finished.

Destructoid is such a great community and it was an incredibly fun experience letting you guys see my writings and interacting with you all that I swore to myself I'd one day I'd get back to blogging. Then I started getting behind with video games. I lost my Wii, and never had quite enough money to afford to replace it or ever get a ps3 or 360. It got harder and harder to have anything relevant to talk about because the closest I ever got to most games was by reading about them. Well that changes today!

I am now the proud first time owner of a brand new xbox 360! Damn. Video game systems have come a long ways. The menus, the options, internet, the way it's all...connected, this generation of consoles really is a huge leap ahead of the old one, not just in terms of graphics, but in usability and their place in the home. They really have become like media centers for your house.

Anyways, once all the excitement wore off from buying the console, I realized I didn't actually have any GAMES to play on it! That's where I could use you guys' help. What games would you suggest!? I'm not sure which ones still stand out and are worth playing today since it's been so many years since the system has come out. What games are all the cool kids playing online together these days? Which ones do the dtoiders like to use for FNFs the most?

Here's a list of some I'm considering:

Lost Odyssey
Call of Duty (4 or MW2)
Batman Arkham Asylum
Mass Effect 1&2
Street Fighter 4/Soul Calibur 4/Tekken 6
Fallout 3

I hope you guys will take me back! Please, be gentle! I don't even know what blog etiquette is like anymore. I'm glad to finally feel like I can once again add my input to the great games discussion going on here though. See you soon on live, feel free to add me!

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