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BahamutZero avatar 2:07 PM on 08.23.2010  (server time)
To view complete rant please enter code found in your gamebox

FUCK the trend of "boxed dlc". This is not a rant against ALL dlc, but the recent, ass-fucking trend of including "perks" that only the buyer of a NEW game receives for free, via a boxed insert. This content is already on the disc; anyone who picks up a used copy gets raped for 3.99 or whatever if they want to use the game as it was intended to be played.

I recently purchased a NEW copy of "The Saboteur" which included a ticket to the "midnight show" DLC; basically it takes the pastis off the shitty digital nipples in the game, and unlocks a couple new hiding places. What-the-fuck-ever. Anyway, after being prompted by the game itself to enter my code, I did.

It didn't work. I tried three times. I called tech support. No help. And yes I entered the code fucking right, thank you Angela at customer service

Whether this was hackers generating valid codes for themselves or EA's servers fucking up, this is an inevitable and abhorrant trend in gaming. Even worse, when I inspected my "ticket" I found the "free" DLC for purchasers of this NEW game only had ONE FUCKING YEAR to reclaim this code. That's right, if you buy a new copy of The Saboteur after Dec. 31 2010, you have to pay four fucking dollars to see those boobs you paid hard-earned cash for. A more blatant raping of your wallet never before existed.

I bought this hamburger but I need to pay for the bun after I buy it

I have this DVD but five scenes are locked until I find an internet connection and send money through paypal

I bought some weed but it can only be smoked in this custom pipe. $5 opens the carb

Open up a copy of Super Mario Bros. from 20 years ago and the game still fucking works.

There are rumors Activision et al are going to be starting to force people to play for multiplayer for their games. Wait, I thought I already paid $50 fucking dollars a year for LIVE. I have more to say, so send me a paypal for .99 and you can hear the rest of it

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