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Name: Bahamut "Mancakes" Zero
Blood Type: ICE
Fighting Style: MAVERICK
Favorite Stance: legalize it.
Weapon of choice: Christopher Walken
Drug of choice: crack. mostly crack.
1st Alternate Drug of choice: huffin' duster
2nd Alternate Drug of choice: icy hot
Favorite Book: God Hand
Favorite Movies: Gin and Tonic
Favorite Game: Medieval 2 Total War
Weakness: gas
Favorite writer: Criss Angel
Current room status: sparse.
Mood: Better than a tranny pequeno Amy Winehouse

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5:42 PM on 03.31.2008

I just got a call from xbox live customer support by an autistic person. No I am not exaggerating like I usually do "wow, that guy was retarded". Perhaps it was "functional aspergers syndrome" because she clearly had a job, but she spoke in perfect, clear english that made absolutely no sense. Here's a breakdown of this call:

"Hello, is this mr. XXXXX" [name removed to protect my porno career]?"
"Why yes this is Ram Hardwood." [oops]
"Have you checked your computer? Your inbox?"
"Excuse me?"
"Do you have email?"
"Yes. I have email. Who is this?"
"This is Microsoft Xbox custermer service center calling to tell you to check your email and have you received an email from us." (this was not posed as a question)
"Yes. I saw that two days ago."
"Well sir is there a tracking number in that email we sent to you sir?"
"Yes, I looked at it. UPS hasn't updated the shipping status yet."
"OK yes I am calling to inform you that UPS has not as of yet updated yet you're tracking number but we will be informing you of the status update as it becomes available."
"I know that. I just said that to you."
"Is there anything else I can help you with today."
"No, and I don't understand why you called. Don't call me again. I can check the internet myself."
"I hope you have a pleasent day. I like cookies."

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