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1:08 PM on 11.30.2011

A Prediction of Skyrim's DLC

So a lot of us are balls deep into Skyrim, slaying dragons and messing with mammoths and being launched into the atmosphere by giants. But one can't help to wonder what Bethesda has cooking up for some downloadable exploits. Looking back at previous DLC for Oblivion and the similar Fallout series games, we see that usually DLC for these games involve new areas, with new quests and new weapons. With most, they increase the level cap, but that's not really relevant for Skyrim, unless new skills are added (Fletching and Spears, please?). I'm going to run through the top five new areas/content that I would like to see added to the game. [Please note that this may have some spoilers, so beware!]

Moar Dragons!
So, you've defeated Alduin and saved the world! But now his lackeys are running about and causing a bit of a stir. I have to think that one of those dragons would be slightly more powerful than his other scaley friends, and would take charge, reorgainizing the broken and scattered dragons. Mayhaps this fellow is looking to get back into Sovengrade to om nom down on some tastey souls? We did just kind of leave that portal open, without ever really worrying about it. Let's get the Blades involved too, get them back to their roots and having them do more than tell you what to do. It would be pretty gnarly having to fight back up that summit, but this time fighting a whole gaggle of dragons, but with a veritable army of Blades at your back. While we're at it, lets have Odahviing (the dragon you summon) get some buddies of his together, and you and your Blade companions can RIDE those Bro-dragons to kill the baddie dragons. Now that is something I'd pay to see!

F^#king Thalmor
I hate this despicable bastards. With a passion. And I really enjoy putting a sword through their snobby, stuck up, pointy-eared faces. I think its pretty obvious that the Thalmor are a serious threat, whether you've chosen to free Skyrim (as I have done) or to reinforce the Empire's rule. A DLC that features a push by the Thalmor into Skyrim seems logical enough, and by the Nine I would love nothing more than clearing camp after camp of these elfish little shits. I feel like this would be a pretty straight forward quest-line. The ruling government has discovered the Thalmor setting up camps in each Hold's land, and you've got to go and clear them out. Maybe find some journals that point to traitors, a big main camp where they are running this show, and how about a siege of the Thalmor's embassy? I'd say that would do quite nicely.

Familiar Settings
I'm sure you've heard of how Cyrodil and Morrowind are partially mapped out, but blocked off by invisible barriers and impassable terrain. I would love to see some border stretching, and getting to explore some of the areas of Elder Scrolls past. A mission to revisit Clout Ruler Temple in the northern part of Cyrodil to uncover some lost Blades artifacts would be awesome, and totally feasible. Cloud Ruler Temple was very close to the border with Skyrim. Maybe even let us venture as far south as Bruma, the nearby city. It would be pretty sweet to be able to roam about some of our old stomping grounds, and see familiar sights.

New Kids on the Block
Some new kingdoms have sprung up since we last walked on the continent of Tamriel. The Argonians to the south have called it quits with the empire to do their own thing, while the Redguard on the southwest border have taken up arms to fight the Thalmor, with or without the empire's help. Being able to head over to these places to improve relations with Skyrim as an envoy/ hunting down some stray dragons/ helping out in general would be a pretty cool experience. We haven't really learned very much about the Argonians, but we have had a chance to meet some Redguards, whom I thoroughly enjoy. (Did you see those curved swords!?) Getting to learn about these different places and interacting with another culture would absolutely be something I'd be willing to pay for.

Aedra and Daedra and Sithis, Oh My!
How about some love for the supernatural? Have a Daedra grab me up, drop into his plane of Oblivion (hold the red) and use me like his plaything! The best thing about these non-mortals is that almost anything can be done with them. These guys and gals can shape themselves, and their minions, and their environment into anything they damn well please. Some interesting and memorable adventures through their domains could easily be crafted by the good folks at Bethesda. Or maybe your feeling holy, and want to represent the Nine? How about giving us some good 'ole fashion Inquisition or crusade content (a la Knights of the Nine from Oblivion)? Either way, some godly equipment and some divine right slaughtering is just what the doctor ordered.

So there you have it. My top five picks for some DLC action in Skyrim. Who knows what we are actually going to get? Bethesda hasn't even announced whether they are working on some DLC or not (but we know they are...) . Whatever the place and story might be, I'm sure that Bethesda will also be adding new weapons and armor, to keep us entertained, and maybe even adding new content that we cannot even fathom. [Images courtesy of, The Elder Scrolls Wiki and This reddit post.]   read

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