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11:37 AM on 03.13.2012

Be the Ultimate BadAss (Mr. DTOID) in "Shoot Many Robots"!

Hello my fellow brothers in the Destructoid Army here is a Picture...
of Our Fearless Robot Leader in the PSN & XBLA "Shoot Many Robots".

Now go DL it!


10:59 AM on 07.08.2011

MK9: Kenshi/Nightwolf . Kitana's XRay Glitch!! Video!!!

Recently discovered "Funny" Glitch in MK9.

Nightwolf becomes Pocahontas.
& Kenshi a Blind Twink!

How To:
Everytime you reflect the X-Ray Kitana takes damage.
You need to kill Kitana with that damage and the animation starts.

This only works with Nightwolf & Kenshi because of the reflects.
No, Kratos' doesn't work in the same fashion because there is no Projectile.

Thought i'ld share, Enjoy!

Nightwolf / Kitana:

Kenshi / Kitana:   read

1:35 PM on 04.13.2011

"SuckerPunching" the 360?! *Confirmed*

Surfing the web today. Found a website with a great image.
Jabbing Microsoft by SONY in the famous Console Wars.

Is the company SuckerPunch, making the game Infamous 2 for SONY releasing on June 6th.
You may know of it, as it is flying under the radar right now to some degree.
(( Just like every other SONY release right? ))

Now knowing that the 360 Slim's Failure Rate is 6% more than PS3's.
How much longer is this joke going to last. <---- C Wut i Did Thur?

Here is the Screenshot from the Upcoming SONY game.
With the Jab for your Enjoyment! :

I know i wouldn't shop there!
Would you?   read

8:21 AM on 11.27.2010

Watch this Video! Possibly get Free DLC from Criterion.

I would on behalf of my fellow Racers & COPS.
Appreciate everyone here @ DTOID to have a gander!

Free is hard to come by especially from EA.
Got to get to 1 Million Views before December 12th. 12/12/10.

(( Started the Day @ 247k Views. ))"

Thanks for Watching the Video Below!
(( You get all my Virtual Cookies. ))

[embed]188525:34407[/embed]   read

4:44 PM on 09.26.2009

RE5:Alternate Edition... 1st (VIDEO) Footage of NEW Chapters from TGS'09!

Sorry for the Short Blog is SHORT!

This is game "TEASER" footage of the new extra content coming to PS3...
(Chris & Jill @ REMake: Mansion ) No that's not the Name of the Content.

Just my sad attempt at humor. :)
& Not video of the PSWaggle Demonstration.

Also, Capcom please release this content Waggle Free!
I got MAJOR wood from this short clip... (Enjoy Yours!!!)

[embed]150035:23000[/embed]   read

12:44 AM on 08.06.2009

Microsoft Blatantly, Rips Off Sony! (Music/Video)

I guess that the Evil to the gaming universe known as Microsoft.
Has STUCK it again to rival Sony's PS3.

(( This time it's bad! & Ironically UNoriginal. ))

Microsoft think they must be on to something good. Or just
completely trying to fool everyone. When they took an Original
First Party IP Title's Theme Song...
& Paste it into a commercial of XBOX360 hawt goodness.

The song they stole is from the theme of PS3's LittleBIGPlanet.
Threw in some XBOXLive, 360's, for good measure; a NetFlix Ad.

Just a note before the Video.
Sony does not own the rights to the Music.

BUT is...
Dubbed "Get It Together," an instrumental pop tune by the British
band "The Go! Team".

(( It's not like a lawsuit against Microsoft is coming. ))

[embed]143002:21175[/embed]   read

1:49 PM on 03.11.2009

PS3 in Microwave Yes! Fiber NO. ( Video )

Everyone likes to rant & rave about 360's Hardware vs. PS3's...
The fact that 1st Gen PS3's could cook steaks.

Someone reversed the tables on Sony's Black Box O' Blu-Rayz.

This short expo is brought to you with a regular kid from XBOX Live.
(( j/k'ing. But you did wonder that didn't you? ))

And, a broke; apparently out of warranty...
Sony PS3 & SixAxis PS Controller. In the Microwave... DUH!

[embed]124497:17929[/embed]   read

1:39 PM on 02.13.2009

Street Fighter IV : Unlock All Characters is EASY!

The Street Fighter series has one of the Deepest Cult followings.
For those that toil hours into learning every little aspect.
Down to every last frame of action...

Have got to be disappointed that Akuma & ALL the Unlockable
"Special" characters will be fighting you Online from the first day...

Due to the fact that Capcom included Easiest Difficulty.
That will be possible by, as you can see; ANYONE.

Here the video created by MyCheats Senior Editor Mike Nelson.

[embed]121589:17560[/embed]   read

1:05 PM on 01.09.2009

Killzone 2 : "Pwned" By it's Own Developers? Uh-Oh? (( Video ))

Sony, Sony, Where do I start...

This is ( Supposed to Be ) One of the biggest titles EVER!
(( So Claims Sony... & It's Wallet! ))

The guys over @ got their Review Copy.
Well they discovered a not so nice "Surprise"...

(( They claim according to the video below. ))

You can "One Hit Knife Kill" ala COD4:MW style.
Your way through the first few levels of Killzone 2.
That's all you have to do.

Stabalicious!!!! or a Complete Developer Meltdown?!!

P.s. Sorry Jim...
Can Sony make it up to you with a 1st day Patch, NO?

Update : I have no Idea what Difficulty... *I Fail*

Source :

[embed]117496:16872[/embed]   read

1:01 PM on 10.25.2008

COD : W@W Zombie Gameplay Video... FTW!!!

Hey guys, shortblog is short...
You just saw this on the main page, but not the gameplay!!!

I'm glad I have overnight delivery!

[embed]109133:15465[/embed]   read

5:57 PM on 10.10.2008

"Sack"boy is a M$ "Fanboy" : CONFIRMED

You know what... The Person who created this LittleBigPlanet Beta Level has GREAT Logic.

Let me attempt to explain.
1. This user went through the trouble to get a LBP Beta Key.
2. He created a level "dissing" the platform he was playing on.
3. His F5 key is brokeded!


Here is the Video! ENJOY!
[embed]107219:15112[/embed]   read

6:57 PM on 10.04.2008

Got Super Mario Bros. in your LBP? ( Video )

It was a matter of time before someone came up with a REAL creative and Grand idea for LBP.

That idea is fully fleashed out with the latest craze to sweap the Sony PS3 Universe...
Yes, the LBP Closed ( Soon to be OPEN? ) Beta.

Someone created a Mod/Level rendition of Super Mario Bros. for PS3 in UnrealTournament3.
( It has official been topped, NO? )

Look @ this rendition of the Mario Universe using the LBP's very own Custom Level Creator.

( BTW Just Watch it to the bloody End, it's Epic! )

[embed]106328:14971[/embed]   read

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