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Left 4 Dead 2 preview/demo review

Ah that sweet Louisiana air, the sun the sea the burning ferry boat in the distance......wait what! Ok so here is my first impressions of the new LFD2, I'm quite impressed. Since the last one which was sort of love hate to l...


A review of Cryostasis

How long has it been since you heard a good ghost ship story? How about a book that you couldn't put down because the situations within were so intriguing that you just have to read just one more page. These two questions c...


Burnout Maxium Overdrive Paradise

Maximum Overdrive a film about from a short story by Steven King about automobiles taking over the world. Burnout Paradise a racing game where you have a whole island to play in but no people in sight. The connection? Strange...


News reviews Tech and rants

Gah its been a while since my last post and since the last comments I decided to stream line the things I have been wanting to write up. So here's what I have to talk about: First off go listen to Cagcast's Podcast 147, afte...


Games Vs Consoles Whos at fault?

This is a odd article, Ive been thinking it over how to write this up and figured that just getting the main question out of my head onto paper would probably work out the best way. So here goes : Are the failings of consol...


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