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BA Chieftain avatar 4:51 PM on 08.25.2009  (server time)
21 days of Scribblenauts: WWID...

Hey, some people have Christmas, but for a psychologist/buddhist/video game anthropologist, we have to get creative with our holidays.

I love hand held games. And I can't help but feel we are in a hand held renaissance with the Nintendo DS, the Sony PSP, and the iPhone. They are all coming up with games that are usually successful because they are unique and innovative, and that is truly where I see the future of video games - not in graphics or budget, but in innovation.

Which brings us to Scribblenauts. Oh, Scribblenauts. The game that has made gamers, non-gamers, hardcore gamers, and casual gamers drop everything they are doing and go, "are you fargin serious?"

And Scribblenauts is awesomely serious. I have been counting down the days since December 9th, and now that we're 3 weeks away, I've decided to do a count down... every day I'm going to come up with a scenario, and hopefully you will all come up with responses of WWID... What Would I Do with all the power of a notepad and my imagination.

Today's first scenario is a little simplistic, but it is an iconic scenario that threw Scribblenauts into the limelight pretty abruptly... WWID if...

There were a hoard of zombies ready to ravage everyone I know and love! Obviously Fleep has determined that a time traveling dinosaur will be effective, and Woody Harrelson could probably come up with some clever ideas.

So, what do you think? Personally, I can't wait to whip vials of holy water at those undead heathens, but I have my own issues.

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