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BA Chieftain avatar 4:56 PM on 08.26.2009  (server time)
20 days of Scribblenauts: WWID...

Continuing with my moderately popular segment, I've got another ridiculous scenario for everybody to Scribblenaut-ize today. My personal favorite entry from yesterday was submitted by ACE OF KNAVES:

"I've said this before, but with tons of brains and the inability to run, Stephen Hawking is the perfect thing to distract hoardes of raving undead while you dispatch them at your leisure."

This was made even better by my google search of Zombie Stephen Hawking which resulted in this picture:

But yes, there were some awesome responses yesterday, so I'm hoping it keeps up today. The ever pending scenario of the day is:

In this corner... Jack Thompson (represented by the best Scribblenaut picture I could find representing American evil).

And in the other corner, Jim Sterling (represented by the best Scribblenaut picture I could find representing British... whatever David Tennant is).

WWID if... a Scribblenaut version of Jack Thompson and Jim Sterling were on screen, and you had to find some way for them to reach common ground. Would you give Jack a Yak Back so he could just keeping saying "JIM... JIM... JIM..." until they came across a mutual agreement? How about writing "judge" and having him disbar Jack? Or would we just have to result to giving them both copies of GTA4, and using it's simulation abilities to train them both into being killing machines (hey, equality is equality)?

Post your responses below, and maybe I can come up with something a little less "spur of the moment because I'm going out but don't want to puss out on my 21 part segment just yet."

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