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Today and yesterday were great days. Why were the great days, you may ask? Because yesterday and today I saw 4 of my most frequently visited review sites give Super Mario Galaxy 2 a perfect score. Including my most trusted, Destructoid. A smile was embedded on my face, and I let out a cry of joy. Nintendo is back.

You see, I've been a Nintendo fan since the N64. In fact, I had only ever had Nintendo consoles up until this gen, for now I own both a PS2 and PS3. So underneath all of my Wii hate, due to their whoring out to casual gamers and such, it reminded me that I am a die hard Nintendo fan at heart. For to me, the Wii was an insult. I had been a loyal fan for generations, and they give me that? So I bought a 360, which eventually got RROD'd, and I got a PS3 instead afterward. After a long run of playing some great games on many different systems(which I enjoyed, don't get me wrong), I realized I had come to miss Nintendo offerings, with all the sheer amount of care and thought put into them. I missed all of their flagship franchises and all of the fun they offered.

And so, after seeing all of the praise for Super Mario Galaxy, I started to wonder. The reason the Wii receives all of the hate is to due whoring out to casual gamers and motion controls. But what would have happened if Nintendo joined the HD generation and didn't pursue motion controls? What if they had appealed to the core gamer more? They could have been so much more than they were this generation. Seeing these great games like SMG 2, NMH 2, and more just remind me of what could have been. Don't get me wrong, there are a few games I absolutely adore on the Wii, but the fact is that they could have been that much better with more powerful technology, and they are completely drowned in shitty shovelware from third party developers marketing to casuals anyway.

So I guess the bottom line is: Nintendo still has great ideas and game design, that's brought down by sub-par hardware and a bad reputation. I just wish they hadn't have committed to marketing to casual gamers, for I believe they still are a truly great company. They did create the foundation for gaming as we know it, after all.

But what's in the past is in the past. Maybe they can fix it for next generation.

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