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B-Radicate avatar 8:45 PM on 06.02.2008  (server time)
Some douche on IGN doesn't know who the f*** Jim Sterling is

I found this kind of amusing.

I was perusing IGN when one of their random "Blog of the Day" posts caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Apparently, some guy by the name of "therollingszeppelins" didn't like Jim Sterling's post last week about Ubisoft's upcoming lineup.

He goes on for quite a little while saying Destructoid was out of line for commenting the way it did, which basically means he doesn't like what Jim said, but whatever. We all know that Jim is a mad genius, so fuck him (therollingzeppelins, not Jim... okay, fuck Jim, too, but only in a sexy way), right?

He managed to take five quotes from Jim's original post (of nine sentences he himself wrote) and tried to say something relevant, which was really just him whining how people shouldn't pick on Ubisoft and the Wii or something.

He even went so far as claiming that, "Sales numbers flat out negate Destructoid's comments," in regards to how casual gamers don't buy software. This is a hard point to argue since Jim himself mentioned 360's attach rate in the article, but because this guy's personal friends that own Wiis own more games than he does, Jim and NPD sales figures are both wrong.

What a douche.

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