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For anyone that was honestly hoping Hollywood might one day get the casting correct for a videogame movie that legitimately has the potential to be good, well, it seems your hopes have been dashed once again.

Not so much.

IGN and the Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Jake “I may one day become Spider-Man if Tobey Maguire pusses out” Gyllenhaal has been cast as Dastan in Disney’s new Prince of Persia project. The new bond chick is set to star as the princess in the tale.

Definitely better.

Seeing as the movie is being helmed by a guy who is no newb to high fantasy affairs (the director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is all over this shit) and produced by the team that made the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride into a global movie behemoth against all odds, I like to think that the movie had quite a bit of potential to be quality stuff. That was, when it was rumored there was a true Arab prince attached to the lead role.

As much as I like Jake Gyllenhaal (he was brilliant in Zodiac alongside Robert Downey Jr…. not so much in Bubble Boy, but whatever) I just don’t see him pulling off the look of the character. Acting ability-wise I’m sure he has the real prince beat (or else they likely wouldn’t have hired him) but there’s a lot to be said about casting a complete and utter Caucasian in a role that is overtly non-Caucasian. Then again, Street Fighter has pulled similar moves recently, but I personally didn’t have quite as high hopes for another one of those disasters.

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