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B-Radicate avatar 10:40 AM on 05.05.2008  (server time)
New Free Stuff! (NNINR)... Batman!

Since I know there is an influx of cblogs thus far today touting the joys of free stuff, I thought Iíd join in. While this has nothing to do with Trent Reznor making noises or natureís plush carpet, itís still ridiculously cool.

I know hand camera versions of this made the rounds last week at some point, but this is the first I have been able to find downloadable high-res versions of the latest Dark Knight trailer. So, link.

Done now? Awesomeness.

If you havenít seen it (or need a compelling reason to follow the link and watch it) the trailer includes a great look at the Jokerís real reasoning for terrorizing Gotham as well as a couple pretty candid shots of where Bruce is shacking up (presumably) while Wayne Manor is being rebuilt (itís mentioned in the trailer by the Joker that Dark Knight takes place one year after the events in Batman Begins). From what can be discerned from the trailer, Bruce converts a portion of a high rise into a swank bachelor pad, equipped with all the accoutrements of the bat cave (he even takes a cue from Tony Stark and has his suit kept in the ground), which is actually a nice nod to the comics of yore wherein Bruce actually did live out of an apartment in downtown Gotham while the mansion was under construction years ago.

The trailer is also the premiere of Aaron Eckhart in character as Harvey Dent. He looks serviceable thus far from the few snippets heís shown in here, but I could likely do without the whole Bruce/Rachel Dawes (now played by the adorable Maggie Gyllenhaal)/Harvey love triangle that is already brewing in this trailer. That is, unless the Joker actually kills off her character, which would end up being how Bruce realizes heíll never be normal, then Iíd be okay with it. Anything that pushes the Bats into overdrive is fine by me.

The most interesting (and certainly brief) snippet shown is something I havenít heard much talk over quite yet. About ĺ of the way through the trailer there is a very brief shot of Harveyís face being pressed against (what appears to be) the ground by someone (obviously against his will) and what looks to be a barrel of oil spilling out around him. This is obviously what scars the DA and pushes him over to the side of evil, but itís interesting to see that itís not straight acid (or at least definitely doesnít appear to be) that will result in his scarring (as it has traditionally been in the comics) but will instead become a massive burn scar. This sorta plays into all the massive explosions, destruction, and chaos the Joker seems to reign on Gothem throughout the movie and I have no doubts Christopher Nolan will make it work for the betterment of the tale, but itís an interesting change to note regardless.

Alright, well, I hope you all enjoyed the trailer as much as I did. I dunno, though, after the awesomeness that was Iron Man, it may actually prove difficult for the Dark Knight this summer. I have no doubts its overtly more dark and sinister tone will sit well with me, but Iím not sure about the comic book-loving movie-going masses. Only time will tell. Leave your thoughts below.


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