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B-Radicate avatar 10:11 PM on 04.08.2009  (server time)
My Dreams May Indeed Be Coming True! (PD on XBLA)

IGN is reporting on a Rare blog post that includes a tiny thumbnail on a user's 360 blade that shows a blurry photo of Joanna Dark before she became a punk ass teenager. Does this mean that Rare's long-awaited HD conversion of the N64 classic is on its way? Have Microsoft and Rare been fucking with us? Have they settled their rights issues with Nintendo?

I remember begging my parents to buy me this as an early birthday present when it released and then my copy was a blank cartridge and it sat around in my collection for 2 years before I ever picked it up and sent it back to Nintendo to replace it, but let me tell you, when it came back... shit. The rest is my gaming history!

Sweet merciful Jesus I hope so! Perfect Dark on the N64 is still my all-time favorite multiplayer game. I played 120 hours of it one summer years after release by myself against bots just 'cause I fucking could.

The proverbial money shot.

Give me the same game, HD graphics, and online multiplayer (with bots) and Rare, you can go ahead and charge me a full $60 worth of Microsoft's magic money. I don't care. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

PS - As anyone who knows me realizes, this would complete my "repurchase trifecta" of Rez, MvC2 (assuming Capcom's hints and rumors aren't smoke and mirrors), and PD, of the only past generation games I'm willing to shell more money out for (since I still own all my original copies and systems. I'm really excited. You should be, too!

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