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B-Radicate avatar 8:42 AM on 06.30.2008  (server time)
Dark Knight Review (NVGR)

IGN Movies is apparently the first website around willing to post its review of the single most anticipated movie of the year, The Dark Knight (three weeks early, no less).

Being a huge fan of Batman myself (check the banner) I was worried about reading it. I was afraid there would be some horrible spoilers, but fear not! The review is expertly written and barely touches on the story and secrets at all, managing to outline WHY the film is so good in regards to the overlying themes than it does because of WHAT happens.

Here's the final paragraph of the review:

"A screenwriting professor of mine once said that what happens in a story must be surprising but expected, and Nolan's approach to The Dark Knight epitomizes this maxim. He gives you exactly what you want, but does it so well that it manages to completely catch you off guard when it happens. But there really is no better way to describe The Dark Knight than to call it a great work of art because it transcends both the boundaries of comic book moviemaking and even the parameters of good filmmaking. What Nolan and Co. have created doesn't just function as a thrill ride or even a terrific movie, but rather as a substantive and philosophical examination of why we need heroes, and then when we need them, what they mean."

I highly suggest you take a gander if you're interested. It's one of the finest movie reviews I've ever read and it got me even more excited than I already was.

Also, since I know you were wondering, 5/5.

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