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My name is Azzurus, but people just call me Azzurus. For over two years now, I have been lurking in the sewers of this website we like to call "Destructoid", occasionally yelling an odd comment or two at the surface dwellers. I have decided it is finally time to come into the light.

/end depressing attempt at humor.

Anyway, if you haven't already figured out, this is an intro blog. I'm not really sure how these go, but I'll give it my best attempt. My real name is Max, and I live partly in Connecticut, which sucks, and partly in Manhattan, which is awesome.

I started playing games during the N64 era, and somehow have fond memories of the GameCube, even though nobody else seems to anymore.. I also used to be an obnoxious Nintendo fanboy until I got tired of not being able to play Halo 2 online with my friends and bought my first Xbox.
There's no real specific genre of games that I like more than the rest. I would list my top ten games of "all time", but that list is so constantly shifting that I figure I'll just share some of my favorites that I can think of offhand.

Beyond Good & Evil (favorite game of all time)
Fallout 3
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Super Mario Sunshine
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Warcraft III
Diablo 2
Half-Life 2
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Chrono Trigger
Mass Effect 2
Megaman 2

Shit this list is getting long so I'll cut it off there.

Movies, TV and other things that don't matter as much as much as gaming
I go to the movies a lot, even though I usually hate what I see. Go figure. As for older movies that are great, anything directed and written by Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez are bundles of awesome. I could probably spend all day listing off movies that I love, but that would bore you more than watching grass grow, trust me.

As for TV, I would guess I have the same tastes as most people here. The Boondocks, Futurama, Robot Chicken, South Park, The Office, House, Dexter, etc. etc.

Also, I admit that I enjoy a bit of anime. I've been known to watch Naruto from time to time (don't judge me!) and Afro Samurai, but my all time favorite is Cowboy Bebop. That is, when I'm not youtubing old episodes of Digimon for nostalgic value.

Hands down undisputed best TV show ever though, no questions asked:

I'll listen to almost any kind of music and probably enjoy it, but at heart I'm kind of a metalhead. Lately though, I've been really into finding all kinds of video game related music, whether it be remixes, soundtracks, or just tribute songs. On that note(heh), if you have never checked out TheAdventuresOfDuane&Brand0, then do so immediately (well, after you finish reading this..)

I discovered and have been a member of Destructoid since around the end of 2007. Only recently though have I been drawn more and more to this place, and starting really paying attention to the workings of it. As someone who hates the idea of podcasts, I'm still kind of shocked that Podtoid is one of the things I look forward to most in life now. In general, I just want to delve deeper into the Dtoid culture and meet and learn everything I can about it. www.destructoid.com has to be my most refreshed website every day. I absolutely love this place, and finally attempting to break into the community full of so many awesome people is a great feeling.
/end gushing

Also, this one time, I wore a Spider-man mask onto the Dtoid Chatroulette clone and met Hamza.. which was awesome yet very very awkward at the same time...

Well that's about all I can think of. I hope I didn't bore you to tears yet, but if I have, then ..forgive me?

And with that, I leave you with this.

My dog Tiko:
Photo Photo Photo

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