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Azzerare's blog

6:44 PM on 09.25.2011

Want some FREE, Team Fortress 2 Items?


I play Team Fortress 2.
I have items I don't need.

You, play Team Fortress 2.
I have items you need.

This could work.

I currently am overloaded in doubles and so on, and no longer believe keeping them in my inventory has a benefit. I don't trade often, nor do I care to. So, instead of bundling doubles / triples in my inventory, I'd like all you basement hermits to adopt, caress, and care for my beloved mistak- items.
If you want one of the items I'm about to list, friend me / trade me on Steam, my Steam ID is Azzerare.
The Winger (x1) x1 ACQUIRED BY PASZA PL
The Original (x1)
The Equalizer (x1)
The Disciplianary Action (x1)
Mann Co. Supply Crate, Series #: 23 (x3), 26 (x2), 28 (x1), 29 (x1).
Ellis' Cap (x1)
The Blutsauger (x1)
The Quick Fix (x1)
The Solemn Vow (x3)
The Brass Beast (x2)
The Fists of Steel (x1)
The Back Scratcher (x1)
Sharpened Volcano Fragment (x0) ACQUIRED BY CELICACRAZED
L'etranger (x1)
Your Eternal Reward (x8) x1 ACQUIRED BY BBAIN
The Cloak and Dagger (x1)
The Jag (x1)

Once an item is gone, I'll update this so that you don't get mislead.



8:15 AM on 08.12.2011

Contest: Win a Giant Mii AR Card! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] It seems Club Nintendo doesn't let you ship things internationally. Due to me being in Canada, this makes this contest open for people in Canada only. First for everything, I guess. [/UPDATE]

Okay, not that big. But you get the picture.
I have around 200 coins on Club Nintendo just sitting there and wasn't sure what to do with them. I recently got a Giant Mii AR Card for my bro so his 3DS doesn't just, you know, create dust. I was surprisingly really satisfied with how big it was and it looks pretty nice on the 3DS.

So, I thought I'd give one away here, with the extra 200 coins I had.
I'm not feeling extremely creative right now so just leave a comment below and I'll pick randomly among you, filthy, ugly, hermit nerds.   read

1:50 AM on 07.29.2011

Want some Humble Indie Bundle codes? HAVE SOME [ used ] [ used ] [ used ] [ used ] [ used ]   read

6:10 PM on 07.25.2011

Holmes being Molested

I'll just leave this here. Niero you sick freak.


2:37 PM on 05.30.2011


I'm going to go ahead and start this off with saying; Money well wasted.

I believe I earn bragging rights for the following images:

Cp. DTOID leads his army to the front lines.

Close up for the little guy!



I completely forgot about my DTOID beanie!

That's all ( for now ) folks! SEE YOU NEXT TIME IN....

P.S. These sexy-as-mr-dtoid-himself photos we're taken on my little ol' DSi. So forgive the bad image quality.


3:13 AM on 05.23.2011

Myself and Water Levels in Games

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention, this, like my last post, was copied from my personal blog, go take a look, there's a new address so the old won't work. )

Okay, the title isnít exactly what the post is about, I just couldnít think of a way to word what Iím trying to say here, as what it is, isnít something you can exactly put in a subject line for a blog post, what it is, is that I hate levels in games if theyíre water related. Same thing with manga, or movies. Iím not quite sure why, maybe itís just that I donít like water, but, Pirates of the Caribbean? Fell asleep midway. The latest One Piece arc with the fishmen? Doesnít interest me in the slightest. Any water level in a Super Mario game? I try speeding through whilst being extremely bored.
I honestly wish I knew why this was so, why I just canít stand water related things, but it seems any time Iíll be playing a game, then I realise thereís gonna be a water level, I get instantly depressed and suddenly feel like putting down the controller and playing another game. What makes me question why this is, is that I like going to the beach, even though I just said I donít like water.

I think thereís always the possibility that itís because water levels tend to be slower then regular, land-lover, hotsexybestevernoonecanbeat levels, but I wonder, is that enough for me to want to stop playing a game? Thatís why I donít think thatís why, I donít thinkĖ or I should say, hopeĖ that isnít enough for me too stop playing a game. NOW HEREíS WHERE THE WHOLE POINT OF THE POST COMES IN.

Recently, Iíve noticed, that with a lot of people, they will stop playing a game for a single reason, a simple, not-really-worth-to-stop-playing reason. Even though I technically do exactly that when thereís a water level, I donít understand why someone would do that.
Itís like if, you lost a match on lets say, Street Fighter, are you going to stop playing the game simply because you lost one match? Was it really that big of a deal? Of course not, youíre going to try and over come that disappointment, youíre going to continue playing until youíve gotten good enough to beat the sore winner jerk who beat you.

So whatís this gotta do with water, Azze? Whatís this gotta do with youíre post, Azze? WHATíS THIS GOTTA DO WITH ANYTHING, AZZE?! IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EVERYTHING. ( Oooookay sorry about that. ._. )

What Iím saying is that people give up on games too easily, they donít try hard enough, when they lose on level, they donít get back up on that sexy piece of a horse and try again, and what Iím trying to REALLY say is that I need to get over this stupid water crap so that I can continue reading, or watching, or playing something that is good, and not just throw it down because water turns me off of things. I need to learn how to deal with this. And to get to the bottom of why water turns me off of things, SO I ASK YOU. HELP ME. GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO GET RID OF THIS, THING. HALP.

P.S. This was written at 4 am, so if itís junky, please excuse me.   read

1:12 PM on 05.12.2011

Appreciation for Vidya Gaymz

This is totally copied from my blog ( ), so if it's referenced in any way, please excuse it.

So, recently, like, 10 minutes before writing this, me and my friend weíre having a conversation, and he was saying how Alphaland, a game I recently linked on this very blog, was stupid. I replied saying that you have to look deeper than just appearance; a block for a character, you have to look deep into the game mechanics, the core design, programming, and devotion the developer has put into said game.

The conversation ended swiftly with no exact close to it; his internet went down for a little, came back up, and we kinda left the subject alone, out of awkwardness. But I wanted to continue, I wanted his thoughts on the matter, the matter of appreciation for video games.

Another great example, is Passage. A game created by art game god himself, Jason Rohrer. I hadnít heard about Passage until I listened to Anthony Burchís (former Destructoid editor and writer for Gearbox software) video, Rev Rant: Donate. Upon finishing listening to it, I promptly downloaded Passage,
played through it, and sat in my seat for a while and thought about what Iíd have just played.

Jason Rohrerís intention for Passage was for every player to get a unique experience with it, a unique view, if you will. My view on it? My take on it? My thoughts of what Passage is about? To me, possibly to others,
Passage is about going through life, ending with death.

You can find love, which earns you twice the points in the game, but makes certain obstacles harder to reach, ones you may have been able to obtain if one was to stay alone throughout the game.

To me, Passage is possibly one of the most realistic video games in the world, graphics aside. Pretentious statement? Possibly. However, possibly true. Of course considering all Iíve said about it, it sounds like nothing much.

Let me explain more.

Along with what Iíve told you above, during Passage, you may not notice it the first time you play, but within the 5 minute limit the game has, you grow old. You grow very old. While growing old, all of those little pixels ahead of you in that narrow path, have disappeared.

Theyíre now behind you. You only have your memories to reflect upon. The memories the game has given you, the memories you obtained whilst playing. Some sad, some good. Sad being those times youíd see a chest long ahead of you, but when youíve reached it, it was empty.

Good being those times that same thing happened to you, and it had that little orb that attracted you.By the time youíve looked at how many points youíve obtained, youíre character has gotten old. Youíre walking much slower then you used to. Than all of a sudden, youíre dead.

Underground beside that tombstone of yours.
Even though youíve beaten the game already, in a mere five minutes, your appreciation and respect, for the hard work, for the thought enforcing story that the gameís given you in that mere five minutes, has risen, to the amount you never would have thought that a 300-second long, indie freeware game could ever have.

So, why am I writing this post about Passage? Because I appreciate what Jason Rohrer did. I appreciate the fact he didnít charge for his work of art. I appreciate the hard work he put into his game. I appreciate Passage.

Nowadays, however, people only look at games, as well, games. They donít look deep into whatís really there. The hard work of the developer, the sleepless nights that the developer spent on creating this game for others to enjoy.

I yearn for the day that games are no longer labelled as things that cause murder, or rape, and that, everyone, can respect and appreciate games as they should. Wishful thinker, arenít I?   read

2:34 PM on 03.07.2011


Okaaaaay, so, after Usurer's temp server went down, I got pretty depressed, so in depression, I created a (small) temp server with a few friends, but turns out neither of them play often enough so it's kind like playing single player, with commands, which is boring.

So I turn to you, Destructoid, to fill my (small) server with hot photos of Max Scoville. Or creations and crap, that's also cool, I guess. When I say (small), I mean like, only around maximum of 10 people, I think, I got it off servercraft and it says the maximum is 6 but I highly doubt that, which isn't really smart since I know pretty much nothing about Minecraft servers, but whatever.

So if you're a poor, ugly, mistaken duckling I can give you shelter, that is, if I choose. Leave a comment in the comment section below and I'll pick among you ugly nerds. <3   read

4:01 AM on 02.21.2011

DAT AZZE: Little Big Planet 2

Man, haven't done a post in a while, 'bout time.

Me and Takeshi got a chance too pick up some pretty awesome games; Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Little Big Planet 2, which are both freaking great.

I haven't played MvC3 much as I've been playing LBP2 more so I'll talk about MvC3 in my next post, so let's get this going, shall we?

P.S: This is my first review thing so my apologies if it ruined your day.

This game is amazing. When you start the game, you go through the normal introduction as in the first, go through the easy levels such as the new grappling levels, which are crazy fun, grappling feels great and is really fun when bringing your friends down with you when you die, heh. Around world 2-3 the game starts to get harder. The controls feel a lot tighter and more fit then so in the first LBP. Slapping is easier, and there's even a trophy for slapping multiple people. (wether or not that's in the first one it's still epic.)

Community levels upgraded by like, 10,000. I've spent a ton of time playing them, they're amazing, a couple of you steamy nerds even made Destructoid levels, which we're awesome. The versus mode levels are amazing and kudos to those of you who made them, you're awesome. I'm pretty horrible at creating levels but I'm sure that's because I haven't taken enough time too go through all the tutorials, I will one day, however. One day.


Not only can you carry over all of you're costumes, stickers, and decorations over from LBP1 over to LBP2, but there's also a TON of new crap yet to be discovered. I think this game deserves a prize for how much work is put into it, honestly. Not only is there tons and tons and tons of built-in costumes and whatnot, but there's even more DLC for crap like that, and it's awesome. If you already have this game or plan on picking it up, get a PSN card with it, you'll need it.

The Music is amazing

I can not get over how good the music in LBP games are. Me and Dre we're talking about this yesterday for a while, listening too the eargasmic music in this awesome game. I'm going to list some of my favourite songs, only because I love them so much.


To name a few, look around, there are tons, and their all beautiful. I need too buy the soundtrack for both, sit down, and just listen too them.

The Graphics are kind-of-ish updated

There's not that much too say about the visuals, else then that they obviously updated them, textures look more, texturey, if that's a word.

I guess I should like, talk more about the story, as that's kind of a big part of a decent game, I guess.

During this oh so adventurous story mode you'll meet interesting characters such as Larry Da Vinci, and others members of "The Alliance", you're team of other oddball's like yourself. Freaks.
However up until the final world the game is quite easy, the entire first world gives you unlimited lives, which I guess is only fair towards people who are new too LBP, but whatever, I just wish that after the first world they made it a little more challenging.

Online is great, as always. Barely any lag, and when there is, it doesn't really effect you whatsoever. Unless you're connection sucks, then you're screwed.

This has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard, it's really great and if you get a chance listen too some of it. Or all of it. The story mode is sure a pleaser, but many may find it short and easy. The community levels have only gotten better, with the extra tools LBP2 gives you it makes making levels better then ever. The customization is also insanely awesome, as always. With the amount of customization tools you have for your sackboy, you can create nearly any character. Now Niero just needs to send Media Molecule and Sony an email for a Mr. Destructoid outfit. This game will have you playing for days on end even after you've beaten everything.

I definitely recommend picking this up.

SOUND: 9.5


Also, before I forget, remember to add me, Dre, and Takeshi on PSN.

Me: azzerare

Dre: poprawr

Takeshi: kurisu1991x

Check back next week or whenever I stop being lazy for my review of Marvel vs Capcom 3!   read

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