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well I'll just give you the same old same old
I've been gaming since i was a wee little lad
from 8 bit NES to Next Gen 360 and i don't plan on stopping
systems I gotz
Nes,SNES,Dream Cast,Sega genesis, Game boy:DS,DSLite,SP,PSP, Ps2,Xbox,Gamecube,Xbox360,Laptop(i know its not an actaull factual gaming system but yeah)
if anything more info is required just hit me up on Live
or aim

PSN: comming soon
Wii friend code: dunno what I could play with anyone?
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I followed the bandwagon but not just in no case but because I am half awake and half asleep and a bit enebriated but because I wish Niero A Happy Birthday
and thank his genius for this home away from home

12:02 PM on 08.13.2008

Seriously why can't M$ do anything right
here I am 4 in the morn waiting for my Fable 2 pubs games
all mimbally bimbally with glee as I punch in my redeem code for set game
and what happens next it an interw3bz kick to my E-wang

"Invalid code"

I stop for a sec and think maybe I entered it in wrong so like an eager kid on prom night I re-enter my redeem code and again

"invalid code"

so I decide okay I'll wait till 7 so I do and then again

"invalid code"


anyone else having this Freckning problem???

6:08 PM on 04.15.2008

Haza! praise the Gaming Cod
guess what the mail man brought me today
not hentai
But my shirts <3

yes ladies and gentlemen
today is truely A said day for all nerds
the master of all dungeons Gary Gygax has passed away
I am totally at a loss of words, that I honestly feel empty

Gary Gygax died today of a stroke leaving this world at the age of 69

You will be missed Gary