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I started gaming from a very young age but only card games on my dads computer. I then started playing games like Mall Tycoon and Wildlife Park and Mini Car Racing.
When I was about 8 I got a Nintendo GBA and when I was about 9 I got a PS1. I think PS2 was out by then but I didn't mind. This is when gaming began for me.
I now own a Nintendo DS, a Wii, and all the Playstations. I am always trying to promote the idea gaming is just another form of media like music, movies, television books etc and not just something nerd people talk about.
^There you have it, a boring description of my gaming-ness.
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Millions (probably) of games are released every year. You always hear about games cloning each other, but I feel for those company's - it must be difficult to specialise in a genre that is so full of games already. Which is the hardest genre to be original in? I would at first say FPS, because FPS games have to be in some sort of war - but it depends on if it is an FPS game, or a game that uses FPS as its combat system. Comparing Fallout and Call Of Duty for example, both are FPS but FPS defines COD whereas in Fallout it's just the combat system. You still with me? I'm a terrible writer, so I always end up rambling, sorry.
Anyway, what do you think? I have absolutely no idea, so I figured I'd ask you wonderful Destructoid lot.[color=violet][/color]

1. They donít give a sh*t
Rockstars' attitude is pretty brilliant. Despite millions of upset and angry protestors, Iíve never once read or heard anything about them apologising. I apologise if this is wrong, this is just my account. But Iíve never heard them apologise, because people who protest against games suck. And games rock.

2. The very existence of Red Dead Redemption
I know what everyone including myself is think about Red Dead Redemption: Despite different characters, different gameplay, different storyline, different transport, different setting and the fact itís a different game, weíre all thinking Red Dead Redemption is effectively GTA with cowboys. And GTA = cool. Cowboys = cool. Pirates = cooler. GTA with cowboys = almost as cool as GTA with pirates and cowboys. Which is VERY cool.

3. They cater to obsessive customers such as myself
I am one of those people that when I play a good game or see a good movie or read a good book or watch a good TV show I must internet search it and find out everything I can about it, read the reviews, watch the trailers and maybe even invest in some merchandise. Especially posters. I LOVE posters.
Anyway, with some of my other game obsessions in mind (Fallout 3, Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3) I figured that for two of my favourite games, Bully and GTAIV, I wouldnít be able to find a poster. I was wrong. On their website, they have a WHOLE merchandise section. FULL OF POSTERS!
(Plus, and this isnít big enough to be headed with a number, but itís cool, the Rockstar website has a contact section called Mouthoff. YAY)

4. The Hot Coffee Scandal
HILARIOUS. I only found out about it a few months ago (when the game came out I was too young to be a proper gamer) but I loved this scandal. The reaction was great, parents saying things that, although put in a different fashion, almost said and basically meant ďThis is terrible putting sex in an 18 game. When I buy an 18 for my 11 year old there shouldnít be content like thisĒ.

5. In a way, they totally pull of paedophilia jokes.
Letís face it, Paedophilia can be a funny subject. It can also go too far. Itís a pretty thin and risky line. Rockstar are teetering, but I think they pulled it off. Did you know there is a website for a little girl beauty pageant on GTAIVís internet? If you go on it you get a wanted level. Yeah. You know when you put your teeth together and suck in air to signify a kind of reprehensive woah? When I found that out I did that, and thought I should put it here. Also, in Bully there is a paedophilic teacher Ė the P.E. teacher (obviously), and he asks you to sneak into the girls dorms and get their underwear. Later you meet (Spoiler alert) a girl called Zoe who was kicked out of the school for complaining about his advances on her.

Anyway, they are my five reasons why Rockstar rock. Hope you enjoyed it and can bask in the glory of Rockstar for years to come.

P.S. I wrote this this morning (England morning) and now Iím about to publish it. BUT, since this morning Iíve played GTAIV and now Iím pissed. I forgot when writing this Rockstar donít do mission checkpoints. Bitches.