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AwesomeExMachina avatar 1:15 PM on 02.16.2010
It's Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This.

I did not expect to be making such short blog that has little to do with gaming and more to do with myself, but I can't contain my excitement. A new friend for my exceptionally professional work place arrived today. It's the response to my haiku entry over at Tomopop during Destructoid's 25 days of giving. Which I found to be quite giving.

This is an exciting gift, as I'm still very much a n00b here. Hell, my forum avatar only recently ceased to be a slab of fresh meat with a surprisingly fantastic haircut. I started blogging right off the bat without taking much time to get acquainted and was not immediately chased off the face of the internet. For this, I am grateful. Though, I am twice as grateful for my new bobble-headed friend, who wobbles as I type in an approving fashion. Though this may prove to be an issue.

Why, yes, Mr. Destructoid. I will write a blog all about how a spot on my toast this morning looked a bit like Captain Falcon. Thanks for the approval. I'll get right on that.

Thanks for the many front pages, hours of amusement at my soul-crushing job, and this fine Mr. Destructoid figure.

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