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3:25 PM on 12.11.2007

Interview w/ Director of Thundercats Movie

Just put up a interview I did with Jerry O'Flaherty the Director of the Warner Bros. feature CG film Thundercats. (Potential release date of film- 2009/2010)

He was also the art director on Gears of War.

Check it out. 37mb   read

9:00 PM on 12.02.2007

Viva Pinata HEAVY METAL Song!

Tune into this special episode of 360 Stylecast to hear a podcast premiere of the song "Pinatas Are Ready" by Azucar. This song is very metal. I personally love it, I think pinatas and heavy metal go together great! Defintely check out this 3 minute special episode if you are a fan of Viva Pinata !   read

4:34 PM on 11.15.2007

Childhood flashback #1 - Game Gear


I remember being a little kid and sitting on my brothers bed watching my cousin play his SEGA Game Gear. I was amazed at its bright screen. It was the first time I got to see Sonic in action and I was totally hypnotized by the speed and bright colors in the game. I remember going back in my room and closing my eyes and visualing the game and just wishing I had one..

Years later I eventually got one and I put about 6 mario stickers on it and I eventually lost the battery covers. I still have it today, it works and I still got the some stupid Donald Duck game that I could never beat.

//flasback finished.   read

7:31 PM on 11.12.2007

FARKTOID Wins Ron Workmans Stolen Cup. (Baby Eating Poetry Inside)

Congrats Farktoid,I will be in touch with you and get that Ron Workmans stolen Infinity Ward Coffee cup.(Infinity Ward is the studio behind COD4).

For those who havn't paid attention, on Halloween I set up a poetry contest here on my Dtoid community blog. To win you had to write the best baby eating poem. I know it sounds sick. But it was a JOKE, please do not take any of this serious, it was a halloween joke.

Here is Farktoids winning poem.

"I have a child
of whom I will eat.
Where do I start,
the head or the feet?

It goes without saying
that it will cry less
if I start with the head,
but that's quite a mess

The brain and the eyeballs
will form a small lake
and hamper enjoyment
Of my little snowflake.

So I pull out some duct tape
and cover the face
it's still getting air
at a medium pace

I crunch down on the foot
filled with muscle and bone
And say right then wow,
this here baby has tone

I chew and I savor
each tendercrisp bite
when the baby looks at me, I say
it's a'ight.

Your parents were careless
they left you at home
with naught but a babysitter
on her cell phone

I murdered her swiftly
(and stabbed her a bit)
But you, my young child
are my favorite bit.

The kidneys and stomach,
make lovely sweetbread,
but the baby stops moving
as I start on the head.

Oh dear, I do think, picking up the leftovers
The rest will go good with that pizza from Stouffer's.
Your parents are back, and from them I must scurry
for I've made quite a mess and must leave in a hurry.

I'll sneak away quickly,
silent as a mouse,
and plant all the evidence
at Ron Workman's house. "   read

6:09 PM on 11.09.2007

Skater Mario Gets Pwned!

Yeah, I know this is a slightly old video. But its great.

[embed]53388:4599[/embed]   read

8:14 PM on 11.07.2007

The Blind Painter

The title says, its a blind painter. He gots skills. Somehow he lays down a texture map on canvas before he starts painting. He says he can tell the colors of the paint by their consistency. Interesting....

[embed]53090:4528[/embed]   read

12:14 AM on 11.07.2007

Nerdcore Girls Behind the Scenes Video NSFW - PG 13

The good folks at Nerdcore calendars have released a behind the scenes video of the models posing in some super hero costumes. Enjoy.


[embed]52958:4498[/embed]   read

7:58 PM on 11.04.2007

6 Mo' Days, Win this !!!


Ron is the co-founder / community manager of this secret society.


9:40 PM on 11.02.2007

Japanese Live Action Pacman

Lol, you may have seen this before.
Very funny stuff. Japan has way cooler tv.

[embed]52376:4301[/embed]   read

10:44 PM on 10.30.2007

Win Ron Workman's stolen Infinity Ward Coffee Cup !

I once slept in the same room as Ron, it was fun. He showed me pictures of naked girls and taught me how to tap dance.

But for some reason, I had the urge to rob him.

I stole his Infinity Ward coffee cup from a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare event in Encino, CA.

The cups never been used. He never had a chance.



-Write a poem about eating babies.
-Post the poem in this posts comment section.
-Deadline NOVEMBER 10th.

Let the best poem win!


9:10 AM on 10.30.2007

My Guitar Hero 3 Video

Check out my comedic review. Filmed and Edited by my good friend Chubby.
Hope you enjoy it.

PS.we know about the typo in the beginning.

[embed]51772:4137[/embed]   read

10:33 AM on 10.23.2007

Must Watch Videos for Today !!! My Pick !

Hey folks, I know we all love watching internet videos. I tend to watch a ton of them. Here are some of the coolest videos I have seen today.


Sexy Halloween Costume Warehouse
Best quotes from the video:
"Look at all these F***ing costumes!" and "..Sexy Sexy, and Frog !"


The Boy with the Incredible Brain
"He can do calculations to 100 decimal places in his head, and learn a language in a week. This documentary follows Daniel as he travels to America to meet the scientists who are convinced he may hold the key to unlocking similar abilities in everyone. He also meets the world’s most famous savant, the man who inspired Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Oscar winning film ‘Rain Man’"


Portal Ending Credit Song "Still Alive" w/lyrics!
Spoiler!, the song is the best part of the game.
The Cake is a LIE!

If you seen any cool vids today make sure to post a link up!   read

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