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Avid avatar 1:11 AM on 02.18.2008  (server time)
Gaming Events in '08?

Hey what's up gamers, just got a question to ask. Are you attending any gaming video game events or maybe just geek events? This year there will be more tournaments and small gatherings of gamers popping up more then ever. What have you got your eyes on and would like to attend this year.

Most of my money goes to funding my trips to gaming events. Yeah it sounds dumb but its fun as hell. It becomes an addiction each year. This March I plan on attending Gamers 4 Giving which is a big LAN in Ypsilati, Michigan. They plan on having a big Halo 3 tournament with a 1000$ prize.

After that in mid-April I plan to fly out to Seattle to hit up the Microsoft MVP summit, this is a 4 day event where I get the chance to see the future of Microsoft products. Any questions you guys want me to ask MS when I'm there?

Then of course there is the Penny Arcade Expo towards the end of August. I really don't know how im going to get money for this event, but after going last year it feels like a requirement in '08. I had a ton of fun, but I predict that will cost me nearly a grand.

- avid x

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