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About Me...I guess

So what to say what to say? I guess I'll begin with how I found Destructoid, though it's not exactly interesting. A friend of mine introduced me to DTOID during a heated game philosophy argument(though I don't remember what we were fighting about). He was citing an article by Anthony Burch and showed it to me, from there I fell in love with this well as all things Ash and Anthony Burch...that's about it.

As for me as a gamer, my first console was my beloved SNES which truth be told is the only reason I survived the chicken pox as a child. To be honest though, while I loved that little grey and purple bundle of joy, I didn't become a true gamer until I discovered it's angrier, greyer nemesis, the PS1. My first PS game was Final Fantasy 7 and I have been a shameless Sony and JRPG fanboy ever since, though my love of games also includes racing games, fighting games(especially SF), non-JRPGs, stealth games, survival horror, MMOs, and who doesn't love a good FPS?

Well that should give you the jist of it.

9:17 AM on 01.10.2011
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