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9:16 PM on 10.09.2012

Why You Should Never Walk To A Store In A Slenderman Suit

I'll fully admit, right now, that my thought process about walking to the store in a suit and mask were not well thought out.
That said, let me tell the story of my night.
I got my awesome Slenderman morphsuit in the mail today. So I wanted to show it off. I walked around the barracks, freaked some people out. My First Sergeant got a helluva kick out of it. So after knocking on doors and getting reactions from people, I wanted to take it one step further.
From where my barracks are at, there is a bridge, fully illuminated, that leads to a little shoppette across the bridge. I figured I'd get me some food, some drinks, get reactions and leave. So I'm walking across this bridge. Note: WALKING. It's hard to see through the mask but I can make out shapes with the lighting. It's kinda dark but the bridge is fully illuminated. I see cars slowing down and looking at me. It takes me like 7 minutes to get to the shoppette. I get two Brisk teas, and walk up to the cashier and pay for my stuff. I get giggles and "That's really creepin' me out" comments from around me. I'm loving what's going on. So there's a subway in the shoppette so I get in line and get ready to order food. After two minutes, I see a person in ACUs walk up, saying "Sir, can you step outside for me?"
First thing: "Awww fuck."
I walk out of line, trying to determine what door he wants me to go out of, and I walk out, there are four other guys in ACUs around me. I figure out pretty quickly that the cops were called. They ask me to take off my mask, and I unzip and show myself. They ask me what I'm doing.
I calmly explain I'm just having a good time trying to get a reaction. I look behind me, there are 5 police vehicles around the shoppette, and a female in a white surburban. They explain that they got calls about a man in suit running up and down the bridge. I turn and an officer beckons me to talk to her, and she holds her hand out, not wanting to talk. Then they ask for me to put the mask back on so they can ID me, I guess. Once they get that done, I take off my mask and explain that I'll just go back home with my mask down. They suggest that one of them take me home. So I hop in the back of a police vehicle for the first time. I buckle up, and we're bullshitting back to the barracks. I thank them for being good sports, and the group of people I messed with earlier when I was trolling the barracks were out there, and I explained it to them.
Then I came back here.
Lesson fuckin' learned .   read

9:09 AM on 07.25.2012

Destructoid Live Stream Shenanigans

So every day after work I come home and I look forward to being able to mess around and watch Foom and others on Twitch. And occasionally, I get the privilege to join in, be a part of the live stream, and play around with the caster and others from the community. When that happens, I like to highlight the times where I play and upload them to my channel on YouTube. So here's the first two videos of, hopefully, many.

(Note: At the time of this posting, the Moonbase Alpha video is still processing, but should be up later today.) - Worms Reloaded - Moonbase Alpha

Also, if anyone knows how to embed YouTube videos in BBCode, please let me know.   read

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