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Autumn's blog

7:10 AM on 04.14.2009

CoD WaW hack?

So I just turned on CoD5 on my 360 and joined a multiplayer game. Nothing special, just Hardcore TD as usual. Game started.


Everything is moving 5 times quicker than normal!
Machine guns sound like farts, movement is absurd. Bettys everywhere. Dogs impossible to avoid. Crazy firefights with people spinning around each other firing wildly.

What's even more mental is that in several of the games I played people were getting 20+ kills! I managed to kill myself with cooked grenades, and my team-mates with erroneous machine gun spray more than I killed anyone on the other team... Games only last about 2 minutes so christ knows how anyone can get 23 kills when I can barely navigate the map!

I did a little research after I stopped playing and there are two camps of thought on what is happening: either it's a hack (it's 360 only) or else it's some kind of server error.
I also read that some games are in slow motion, and that later today there will be a flying hack applied to the game. This last one is dubious, and I myself have not experienced slow-mo, only the intensely f'ed up super fast variant.

Anyone playing this game right now? If so, did you manage to get more than 20 kills in a game? I think the key is to use bettys, turn look sensitivity right down and just camp in one spot.
Props to anyone who gets a knife kill, provided the victim is on the OTHER team...

Hmm, I wonder if zombies is sufferin a similar fate!!   read

5:15 AM on 04.10.2009

Did anyone GENUINELY enjoy KZ2?

Hi all,
This is my first blog so greetings!

As I'm sure you gathered from the title, I just want to ask a quick question and try and gauge some kind of genuine response from the community.

I bought KillZone 2 not long after release. I wasn't particularly sucked in by the hype, and the beautiful graphics were kind of lost on me because I just flat-out never liked the art style - brilliant particle effects and incredible lighting don't really mean much when the entire world is grey and ugly - and so it was with an extremely open mind that I played through the gaame.

From almost the minute I started playing I found it to be one of the most lacklustre gaming experiences of my life. It felt like a game constructed entirely by committee with no personal touches, flair or imagination applied at any point. I won't bother talking about the controls (rest assured they ruined the whole experience), but what really disappointed me was the lack of a soul. I just found the whole experience truly boring, which surprised me since I play a LOT of games and never really tire of the usual FPS shtick as seen in CoD, Half-Life, Fallout etc.

As for online, I tried to get into it. I play a lot of games online, and I usually prefer this to offline gaming, but KZ2's multiplayer just felt like a mess to me. Controls aside (again), I was turned off by the imbalanced classes, the number of bullets required to kill a single enemy, the pointless ribbon attainment... the whole thing just felt really lacking in any kind of substance to me.
Lag also contributed a lot to my online experience, it must be said. I live in Hong Kong and the only choice for finding dedicated servers was to play in European matches, so enemies tended to die up to 3 seconds after I'd finished shooting them and much of my time playing was spent firing bullets into people who weren't actually where they seemed to be on my screen. Which was rubbish, as I'm sure you can imagine.

My overall senasation when playing KZ2 was's really not a very good game. Poor design choices were made at every step of the way IMO, and aesthetically, aurally and in terms of atmosphere, I was left impressed in a "wow, shiny technology" sort of way, but not actually moved in the slightest. As I said, it left me just kind of bored. And my teammates were all douches [single player].

Given the hype and the promise this game had to fulfill, I'm not surprised at the high review scores it received, but what I want to know is this: if you (the Destructoid audience) objectively look at the time you spent playing this game [quasi-oxymoronic statement], strip away the need for it be revered as a qualifier for your PS3 purchase, ignore the potential ostrication for not giving an automatic 10, and really analyse the time you spent playing....what did you really think of the game?

If you liked it, what was it that drew you in? If you didn't like it, why not?
Thoughts, gentlemen.

[Depending on the success of this blog, I shall later be asking the same of PoP, another game which left be ice cold and questioning the sanity of the gaming community...]   read

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