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Autovon's blog

11:33 PM on 03.28.2010

Introducing: THE AUTOVON

Hello Destructoid, I am the Autovon.

I have been visiting this website for maybe a year now but haven't bothered to write a blog as I am not much of a writer and can't seem to update these things often enough. I, however, love giving my opinions about things and love to talk about myself. I also love this website so I think I'll give this blogging thing a try. Read on to find me ramble about my self and learn things about me that you probably don't care about:

My Past

When I was a kid, I loved videogames. I never had any money though, and my parents thought that consoles costed too much. That never stopped me still, and I used to go over to my friends house two doors down and play Crash Team Racing and Spyro on his Playstation. I also had a Gameboy Colour and have fond memories attempting to catch 'em all in Pokemon Gold. I have always been big into PC gaming too and remember playing Metal Slug on MAME and playing Shining Force on this "Sega Smash Pack" disc. I was hugely into strategy games and played lots of Age of Empires, Stronghold Crusader, and Freedom Force. When I turned thirteen, I got my first game system, an Xbox. I was pretty far behind my other friends as they already had two or three previous systems but to me it was the best thing ever. I used to visit many videogame websites as a kid and have accounts on many. Its kind of embarrassing, really, as you can probably look up some pretty embarrassing stuff if you look up "vontheawesome" on Google. I used to have a Gametrailers blog for example. Got kind of bored with it though. Unlike Dtoid, the community kinda sucks:

My Present

Ah, lets see, I am currently 17, attend high school, and still love videogames. I have a 360, a PS3, a Wii, and a PSP due to me spending all my money on games and my parents being overly generous on birthdays. I love playing on my 360, PS3, and PC although I don't really play my Wii or PSP much. Just not really interested in any of the games coming out for them. Though I really wanna get Muscle March :p. Anyways, feel free to add me on XBL, PSN, or Steam. My username is Vontheawesome for all of them. I live in Lloydminster, Alberta, AKA Canada's only border city. I can literally walk from my house to Saskachewan anytime I want. Pretty cool stuff. About half a year ago I was asked to be a tester for a gaming glove called The Peregrine. Perhaps you've heard of it. Perhaps you've written a witty comment about it looking like a Power Glove on some gaming blog. Regardless, its pretty awesome. Get to go down there every week and play some DOTA or Heroes of Newerth with it. Its pretty awesome. Perhaps I will write a blog about it one day. Its a pretty good thing to stick on my resume as I want to get into the videogame industry some day. Speaking of that:

My Future

I am going to graduate soon and am hoping to get into the Art Institute of Vancouver for Game Design and Programming. I'm really passionate about it and the reprasentative I spoke to was really impressed. But anyways, I am tired and going to bed. I am not even gonna bother proofreading this so please point out my spelling and grammar mistakes in the comments below.   read

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