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Bio: Austin is a Freelance Audio Producer and avid music fan living in the suburban town of Dearborn, Michigan. His work has been featured in several indie game and mod releases. He is currently taking Japanese classes and plans on relocating to Austin, Texas or Nashville, Tennessee in a few years to pursue his production and music career. In addition to music, Austin absolutely loves writing, reading and computer games from time to time. His favorite bands include Soundgarden, Melvins, Tool, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and Butthole Surfers. He also writes for the music website "Alternative Nation."

Fun Facts: He is of English/Scottish descent, and stands 6'4. He also collects World War II artifacts with some of his collection including a US Navy lantern, various helmets, and several models of bayonets.

Tool: From L to R Maynard Keenan, Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, Danny Carey

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've probably heard of the hard rock band Tool. The group enjoys much radioplay and has a powerful, almost cult-like fanbase. But even some die hard Tool fans have never heard their amazing collaboration with the underground Grunge band, Melvins.

I'm sure if you are familiar with Nirvana, or have at least visited their Wiki page, you've seen mention of Melvins. They were friends with Kurt and even helped him get Nirvana started and off the ground. The Melvins have been around for 30 years and have an extremely large discography, but their fan base is minuscule and more prevalent in foreign countries (Most notably Japan, where there is a fairly popular band called Boris that gets their name from a Melvins song) unlike the rock icons Tool.

Melvins: L to R Coady Willis, Jared Warren, Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover

In 2000, the Melvins released an album called "The Crybaby," which featured other friends of the band such as Hanks Williams II and Mike Patton. And it is without a doubt that the track that stands out the most is the staggering 15 minute long track, "Divorced." This track takes the listener on a trip through ambient organs to muffled singing and ear blistering screaming. This all leads up to an epic drum duel between Danny Carey and Dale Crover. An obscure conversation about a woman with a "voice like a fucking modem" between the two singer ties the epic song up.

Listen to the track below: