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AussieBen avatar 10:24 PM on 05.19.2010  (server time)
Jolly Rover Adventure Game Trailer

I've been doing some dialoge writing and proofreading work for my friend, Andrew Goulding, on his point and click adventure game, Jolly Rover. After much editing and tweaking, he's got the trailer ready, and here it is:

The game is about a young dog, Gaius James Rover, who dreams of one day starting his own circus, just like his father (who was unfortunately killed in an accident involving an improperly loaded joke cannon firing him in the groin). Along the way, Gaius accidentally invents the popular and addictive Jolly Rover rum. Through no fault of his own, he ends up getting captured during a delivery and his shipment of Jolly Rover is stolen by a gang of bloodthirsty pirates. Only through his wit, cleverness, a little bribery, some voodoo, crackers, and the wearing of a snappy hat will Gaius make it through his quest.

Designed with the classic Monkey Island games in mind, Jolly Rover also adds features to help make it more intuitive for a modern audience. By holding the space bar, you'll be able to see where any objects you can interact with on-screen are, and you can talk to your parrot companion, Juan Leon, for vague-ish hints if you're ever stuck. If you're really stuck, you can feed him a cracker after asking about a specific puzzle you're stuck on, and he'll give you more detailed help. However, if you're a hardcore adventurer, you can refuse to use the crackers and try to figure it out on your own, which makes for a difficulty level that you can adjust yourself, rather than having to constantly trawl through a walkthrough. After all, we want people to see the end of the game!

As the trailer says, it's due out June 7th (already?! exciting!). It's coming out for a whole boatload of downloadable services, including Steam, Direct2Drive and Greenhouse. The game's website can be found here.

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