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12:07 PM on 06.07.2010 // Ausl0
Eversion: Legitimate indie-style!

Pre-ordering Eversion is now an option on Steam.

This is the HD version available with Steam Achievements and Leaderboards. The freeware version can be had HERE

Here are the key features (the ones in bold are ridiculous):

Retro-style platform gameplay

Dimension-shifting gameplay changes the level around you

Explore eight carefully crafted unique worlds

Hand-drawn pixel art, legitimate indie-style1

Surprising plot twists2

Game length ideal for busy videogame fans

Three different endings3

Extra entertainment value when played alone at night4

An unforgettable experience


I'm not bashing the game (it actually looks cool and I might check it out), I'm just pointing out the hilarious selling points. I love how the developer is "overt" about some of the features.

1) Legitimate indie-style 'nuff said.

2) What game has or tries to have predictable plot twists?

3) This basically should be a requirement. Some sort of replayability.

4) Bad wording but this actually sounds cool. Based on the screen shots, it doesn't seem like a game that could scare you. "Oh look a cuddly flower thing running around on a level - - OH SHIT, A DEMONIC HAND RISING OUT OF THE GROUND"

They should've made the music one of the selling points. From what I've seen, the music intensifies as the game reaches the darker parts and it isn't annoying so win-win.

I did some research as I was creating this blog so Zaratustra Productions is based in Brazil and I'm guessing that English is not their primary language. Looks like a solid game for a single developer
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