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Aurvant avatar 12:20 PM on 06.27.2008  (server time)
I played Battlefield:BC and I feel as if I was in a train wreck.

The picture conveys my feelings for the full-version of the game. The single-player campaign is fun and given the humerous script of the story it should keep anyone interested until the blast through the game entirely. However, as with most Battlefield games, the real action has usually been found in the multi-player section and this is where the game turns in to some unbalanced clusterfuck of rockets and tank-treads.

First off, I began to notice that regardless of my team setup if I was defending the Gold chests then I was most undoubtedly "the shit". In fact, my whole team completely decimated the competition and we kept out base safe, but then it was our turn to be the attackers.

I understand that attacking forces are supposed to be an uphill battle but DAMN it feels as if I'm just whacking an anvil with a rubber hammer trying to make a dent in it. I don't know, perhaps its the community or the lack of cooperation now that every tom, dick, and harry has been let in to the game (because the MP demo was ridiculous fun) but something just feels entirely off about the whole game now. In the demo, Tanks took little to no damage from machine guns and were, really, only heavily dealt with when it came to explosives and rockets.

Also, when you shot someone with a fucking cannon they died. Like, immediately.

Yet I can now manage to take down a tank with only my assault rifle, given I have the bullets, and It takes upwards of five to six shots from a light-tank to put down a foe. Is it supposed to be like this? It just seems so confusing now.

Kinda like that level in COD4 (the shipyard or whatever it is with all the storage containers and is only the size of a small backyward0 where your just running around and hoping to god that you hit someone or that you manage to survive more than 3 seconds. It just seems really haphazard and, well, like a bunch of trains smashed in to each other and you just hope to God that your car weathers the carnage.

Don't get me wrong, it's still fun, but just....well....broken? maybe?

Either that or I've just gotten used to playing MGO and the slow pace and strategy of those levels have spoiled me.

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