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Aurvant avatar 12:45 PM on 06.09.2008
blah blah blah~updated

Updated first post! I deleted the other first post to make this first post.

I have decided to dedicate this blog to gaming news that usually isn't covered off the front page, but expect a bit of a different spin on it rather than just the usually snaps people attach to their work. I'm also going to add news from other places so it's going to work like, well, an actual blog instead of just some place that I can come to just to ramble on about my tedious and boring life.

Any reviews that appear on here will be based on games that I have, you guessed it, played and completed by myself. No copy & paste work here, folks. This is pure mediocrity in the making and that's the way I like it.

Also, if you don't like it?


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