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Aurvant avatar 9:24 PM on 08.01.2008  (server time)
A Plethora of DKS3713 news!! (Square-Enix conference) Part 1 - Parasite Eve, FFXIII, FFVIIACC and more!

I'm trying to compile all of the information regarding the event and stuff it in to one single post so pardon me if everything seems thrown together right now. Good news already flowing from the event so lets get started shall we?

1. Parasite Eve 3 announced for PSP - Hell yes. That's all I can really say about this one. I was totally bummed when I heard that PE3 was going to be a mobile game, but when news was hitting that the mobile game had hit a snag it looks like they shifted to PSP development. Either way my PSP just had its socks rocked.

2. Final Fantasy XIII demo coming with Advent Children Complete - Awesome. I was expecting a demo, but to see it being packaged in with the FFVIIAC BD release is just icing on the cake.

3. New FFXIII Versus trailer - Can't watch it because it's closed doors, but I'll post up a link later if I can find anyone that has ripped it from the event.

4. Kingdom Hearts Coded expected for 2008 winter release (Japan) - Meh, wasn't picking this up but for people looking forward to it this is good news.

5. Final Fantasy Agito XIII confirmed for PSP release - Turns out the once mobile exclusive has been set up for PSP release. Apparently the handheld is a hell of a viable platform for SE considering it's still got some damned impressive sales in Japan. Either way this is good news for me since I haven't had a good RPG in my PSP since Brave Story and Crisis Core.

6. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 and Birth by Sleep get release dates:
- Birth By Sleep = 2009
- 358/2 = Winter 2008
I think we already knew this but they are announcing it again anyways.

7. Final Fantasy Dissidia has confirmed release date: December 2008 in Japan. For the rest of us in the states and in Europe we have to wait until 2009 for out FF fighting game. :(

8. Final Fantasy XIII finally gets a release window!!! - Square-Enix has just confirmed that 2009 will be the magic year that FFXIII gets Japan. Hopefully everyone else wont have to wait too long. Also it appears that Versus XIII is expected to get a planned simultaneous worldwide release....for now anyways.

9. Japanese blogs are claiming to have seen Kefka in the Dissidia trailer. No confirmation just yet, but that bit of information is circling. If it's true I just hope they keep a similar laugh for him.

10. 14th Member of "Organization 13" is revealed and named Shion and apparently looks like Kairi or something like that.

11. Real time footage for both FFXIII and FFXIII Versus have been shown at the event. Forever-Fantasy is trying to find the trailer and will be posting that sweet awesome goodness up as soon as possible. They claim it looks like a "highly evolved FFXII" field.

12. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete PS3 bundle announced. Expected to be released in March 2009. So, yes, Cloud does make his way back to the playstation but it looks like it's in the form of a film and not a game.

Via Final Fantasy XIII Net and Forever-Fantasy

Well, that's it for the news from the conference today. There is still one more day of the conference so I'll make another post tomorrow to include that stuff as well.

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