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Here's the link back to the site if you haven't already checked it out.

Now that the site has been updated a video is shown with three men from India speaking about the game (presumably) and every now and then one of them will say "The Last Guy! Playstation 3!!" It is obviously some joke video and, I have to be honest, regardless of me not being able to understand any of it I found it hilarious. To be honest, as weird as this lead up to the games ultimate reveal gets I have to say that I'm even more excited about now since I honestly no longer really know what its about. Yes, we have magazine scans claiming google earth and zombies, but this entire video just throws me way off.

Also, goats.

Once the video ends the site reverts back to it's former self and the red marching men assume their forward step towards whatever they are walking towards. Sad that they removed the upbeat song and replaced it with something that sounds sad.

Another update is slated to be revealed 7-18-2008.

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