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Aurvant avatar 8:00 AM on 06.20.2008  (server time)
2k games gets a clue - Removes Bioshock install limitations

It's about damn time.

Seriously, who hasn't just absolutely broken the internet screaming about how awful the DRM application SecuROM is? Initially touted as the end of piracy it has become nothing but a huge scam that 1) doesn't work at all and 2) only serves to limit the consumer instead of the media pirate that they are trying to inhibit.

With news that Spore is possibly using SecuROM along with Atari using the online verification application of SecuROM one can only hope that other companies take 2K games' action as some kind of sign that people need to drop this bothersome DRM and just return to the old days of serial key activation.

I, for one, and extremely happy about this because I have only one install left on Bioshock, but now that the DRM has been lifted I can happily install and uninstall as many times is needed in case of hardware upgrades or new PC purchases.

Now, if only Bioware would get the freaking clue and drop the DRM application for Mass Effect then I think I can be TRULY happy.

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