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Aughndibi avatar 11:10 PM on 03.14.2008  (server time)
Not my Turning Point gaming rig OR $30 laptops are not good for gaming.

Well, here it is, my entry for the Turning Point PC contest.

There it is. I got it for roughly $30 from a very lucky bid on I can play some games on it, but not very well. I mostly use it for Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War (which runs okay if I turn everything down), and I would use it for Team Fortress 2, except that it can't run the game without crashing at random intervals. So, that was a waste of $30 (for TF2, I mean). :/

I do, however, have a bitchin' Futurama mousepad. I looked all over teh Internets for an official one, but the best one I could find was a custom job from eBay. I enjoy it thoroughly.

One last shot, from a different angle. I'm hoping to win this contest primarily for the ability to play three games: Team Fortress 2, Dawn of War 2 (which I'm pretty sure is going to use the Company of Heroes engine), and Warhammer Online (which I don't know the requirements for, other than the FAQ which says "The second best system for sale next summer"). I'm mostly a console gamer, but I would REALLY love to try Warhammer Online. I never got into WoW, mostly because I would feel a bit aimless playing it. Like, there's no overall goal for me other than to get phat lewt, or whatever. With Warhammer, however, there's more of a competitive nature to it, from what I've read. Also, Warhammer Online is Warhammer, which instantly makes me interested in it.

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