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Atlas's blog

4:23 AM on 02.10.2010

Why are Mushrooms Bouncy?

Mushrooms. Step on one. It will crumble before your magnificent visage. No recoil. No rebound. Just a mushroom flattened before your very eyes. How could humanity twist such a creature? How could we destroy the very concept o...   read

10:06 PM on 11.09.2009

Hey Paisano

Hey, did I do it right? Can I get past the border now, meng?   read

2:29 AM on 10.25.2009

Destructoid Burnout (too much of a good thing?)

So.... six months since my last blog post. I can recall doing this once or twice before. I get real into Destructoid, so much that I write blog after blog like I'm getting paid for it. I make tons of comments. Read all the ne...   read

9:39 PM on 04.19.2009

Internet pirates found guilty, sentenced to a year in jail

Pirate Bay founders Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Carl Lundström were all found guilty of promoting the copyright infringement of others, and sentenced to serve one year in prison and pay a fine of over 3....   read

11:50 PM on 04.18.2009

Those about to die: ME

I'm not too fond of games that travel the well worn and tested routes, the games where you rescue the princess and live happily ever after (well... only until the sequel of course). These videogames are a dime a dozen. Rega...   read

9:01 PM on 04.13.2009


How is it that a final boss can die at the end of a game if he was never once alive? Will Smith destroyed a contingent of plastic bullies in "I, Robot" but he did not technically ever kill a single one of those angry mannequi...   read

11:33 PM on 04.07.2009

Vin Diesel confirmed to star in upcoming Shadow of the Colossus movie

Vin Diesel is queued to star in the upcoming "Shadow of the Colossus" movie based off of the 2005 blockbuster videogame of the same name. Diesel has yet to comment, but his agent has mentioned the stony faced actors performance will definitely be more devoid of emotion and hard hitting than box office flop "The Pacifier" and the entire "Fast and Furious" series combined.   read

11:58 PM on 03.16.2009

Mr. Destructoid takes a picture of himself everyday for 3 years

Destructoid turns three. Watch how he changes over the years. Enjoy.   read

11:25 PM on 03.15.2009

Resident Evil 5 is blatantly racist against Jim Sterling

Capcom tried so hard to be unracist they unwittingly victimized Jim Sterling.   read

8:54 PM on 03.02.2009

Jim Sterling is Blatantly Better than Jesus Christ (UPDATE: Gay Erotica)

PS: Dear Internet, please remove the balding, gay porn star that shows up when you google Jim Sterling. EDIT: Watch the video below to understand...   read

11:44 PM on 02.12.2009

Hamza Day 2009 Featuring Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Hi guys it is Hamza Day '09!!! I made a really bad flash video but it won't convert properly so I have stuck you guys with a really bad video of a Hamza/Atlas combo staring down Robotnik. I know it sucks! Anyone have sug...   read

10:00 PM on 02.01.2009

Mr. Destructoid Gets Crucified and 10 Reasons to Love Me

So basically I said "Mikey plz draw Mr. Destructoid getting crucified k thnx" and then he said something and I said something and then this happened. You're welcome for the video -- took me a couple of hours to put it toge...   read

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